Tuesday, October 10, 2006


  OK, what's wonderful?  When we had our house built one of the best things we did was buy a huge deep bathtub with arms.  Even I can sink completely in my tub covered with bubbles.  2nd really wonderful thing we did thanks to my husband.  Since it is a cast iron tub they can be very cold on Iowa winter days.  My husband put a heat register under it.  During the winter when the furnice is on the tub is warm to your feet when you climb in for a quick shower.  Its the little things in life that make me smile.

   This is a great site you should check out.  Lots of informaton.   http://www.spamprimer.com/ 

   So far today I have had cinnamon shredded wheat with organic no fat milk.  3 points WW

   One Cappuccino Delight Slim Fast Optima shake, 3 points

   One golden delicious apple dipped in fat free caramel dip,(OK I should have skipped the dip) 4 points and have no idea what to do about supper.  My son will be gone so we are doing the cat fish in the morning.  So I would like to have hot wings which if I only eat 5 and 2 peices of cheese bread gets me to 1475 calories give or take and still under my points.  However, a good bully porter would be nice also.   Sigh.

  Tomorrow I see the surgeon.  This is the same doctor I saw last year about getting the gastric lap band done.  I am still around 48 pounds lighter then when I looked into that but still not even close to my goal weight.  Still, I am happy I didn't have the surgery most of the time.   Of all the women who had the surgery the same time I was going too, only one changed the way she was eating and followed the doctors orders so she lost a large amount of weight and is doing good.  The others lost less then me and 3 gained it all back.  The lap band is a tool, not the solution.



madcobug said...

That was nice of your hubby to put a heat unit under the bathtub. I think you did good losing that much weight in a year. Helen

jckfrstross said...

i love the old cast iron tubs:) hope the doc visit goes well and you find whats wrong


lanurseprn said...

Your bathtub sounds like a dream to me!  I live in a regular tract home....small tub. UGH!  
You've lost 48lbs?? WOW that's GREAT!  Good job!!