Thursday, October 5, 2006

My ugly purse, rude waitresses, just a witchy mood day

   I have the ugly mood blues, I don't have nothing to lose, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!  Ever have one of those days!

   It started out probably with my doctors report.  I knew what it was going to say and in a sick way I welcomed the news......Yah.....not in my head......not crazy.....something is wrong....Yah!  Then the reality sinks in.   Does this mean surgery number 11!  How awful is that.  God, what type of woman has 11 surgeries except a wimpy woman who can't suck it up.  Sheesh.   So,  the other day on my drug induced Phenergan and Lortab high I went shopping on ebay.  Oh my God, what a great old purse......must have......must own.   So own it I do.  Can we say compulsive drugged induced shopping spree!   Here is the cutest purse I ever saw and I had to own it right now, right this minute, couldn't live without it even one more second, purse.


                                 Conversation with my husband.  

    Is that a jewelry box?

   No, its a purse, isn't it sweet?

   Isn't it a jewelry box?

   No it isn't, its a vintage wooden purse!

   Oh, this is something you bought to sell?

  No, I bought it for me, don't you like it?

    Your not going to use it tonight are you, I mean you don't have time to change purses right now, right!

   Well yes, I was going to use it right now, it goes well with my outfit, WHY?   don't you like it?

    No, No that isn't what I mean't but I was just thinking if it is that special we should save it for a special occasion, like the day we know is going to be the last day we have on earth.....or the day the earth stood still, or some other really special occasion that would really make putting a purse like that on your arm a really memorable occasion........Not that I am saying I don't like your purse.


  Maybe you could get a flowered hat to wear with it (spoken with I think a decidedly sarcastic twist.)

   WELL MAYBE I WILL.......JUST MAYBE I WILL.......sigh, it is rather garish isn't it.....darn......maybe it will sell in the shop....... would you order me just one more porter in a warm glass.

                         The rude waitress

   Ok, maybe not that rude but..... We go out fairly often, once or twice a week.  This is not the largest town so we always go to the same 2 places.   They know us, like us, and take advantage of us.  

   Our waitresses are young, in the mist of all that young person angst, hormonal problems, boyfriend problems, attitude problems.  Since we are a nice middle aged couple,  OK OK,  a nice older couple, they feel free to unload on us how terrible their job is, how terrible their co-workers are, how sick they are of waiting on such terrible awful boring people,  (oh my God not you two of course), and all the other things that pop into their heads.  We are the type of people that other people feel free to unload on because outwardly we are nice people....Sigh and thank God, we ARE nice people but still.  I was mad Rick tips as good as he does.  Because we are such nice people, they will wait on us last because we never Bitch.  Outwardly!  I can always see how busy they are and sympathize. 

   Still...... I am a nurse.  I never, never, NEVER  witch to my patients how busy I am and how awful my patients are and how awful the other nurses and doctors are.  I may think it, but I feel a professional never never does anything to make a guest in her care feel anything but safe and secure, sure that your problems are the foremost and utmost concern on my mind.  No matter how I feel I want my patients to feel better and get better.  It is good patient care and good people skills.  I am good at it.  I would not have a job still if I had the skills some of my favorite waitress impose on us.  We are too nice of people.

   So I am sipping a nicely warm Bully porter and doing my meditation breathing.  Trying not to sweat the small things because really, truely, it is all really small things in the whole entire skeme of things.  Glad that I am so alive I can still have these ranges of emotions to dwell upon.  And deciding good or bad, witchy or not, it is a good thing.   Feelings are good things, and active mind is a really good thing.   Cheers, heres to you all.


inquestoftruth said...

LOLOL   you really are a nut!  

but.... are you SURE that wasn't a jewerly box in a former life??   Not that I don't like it.

rebuketheworld said...

Most people I know have had at least five surgeries. I have had five(C-sections) but many have. I know eleven sounds like your in this rare category but your not. To go through surgeries are such a pain. I'm sorry you have to go through that.....I was a waitress for ten years and never unloaded and alway appreciated the nice ones..but it seems you and your hubby have a gift. People can trust you with their thoughts and life and wow, that gets heavy especially when its negative....and I know what you mean by waiting...when your nice, they figure they can and with the others they your like this funnel that gets picked up because all the takers dont take their own share....and by the way,,,LOVED the purse...Retro...unique...classy..I bought one on Ebay...I was bummed when I got mine because it had tons of scratches...but I love original...loved yours...just dont buy the straw hat,,,rlol...


nelishianatl said...

Even as a lowly Nurse's Aid or Tech as they called them in the hospital I used to work, I would never, ever tell my patient how busy I was or how my co-workers were behaving that day.  I wanted my people to feel I had all the time in the world just for them and they were my favorite patient.  So unbelievably unprofessional of her. Please let us know more about the surgery you will need.  If you need it, get it and stop being so hard on yourself.  YOU ARE NOT WEAK.  The purse conversation with DH cracked me up.  Maybe you can buy a flowered floppy hat on EBAY to go with the purse.  Blame that on your meds too and please post a picture.  I think you two are a hoot!  Thanks for making me smile today!

lanurseprn said...

Aren't those medication highs great!  I discovered how nice those are when I had hurt my back and was on Vicodin.  LOL!
LOL on the purse!  I loved that entire story.  Made me laugh!  You are so funny!
I know what you mean about the waitress.  I've had that too....and I find it quite irritating.  I can't even imagine doing that to my patients.  OMG!  
Good luck on the surgery.  I hope you get it if you need it and feel better soon!  You've got a lot of bike rides to do!
Thanks for making me laugh today.  

springangel235 said...

Hey, I kind of like the has class!  Your times...but on a serious note...please take care of yourself...sorry you have to go through surgery number 11.  Hope it helps...feel better soon...hugs and love,