Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thanks Everyone

    I think everyone telling how easy it was before surgery got me wondering if maybe something was wrong because believe me, this ain't easy baby!   Now I am getting the rest of the story and it seems like this is normal.  The bad thing these days is patients don't stay in the hospital long.   You have no idea how they do when they leave.  How long they were laid up, what is normal etc...  Also since I seem to have more then my share of post op complications I am a bit gun shy.  If it can go wrong, it does go wrong with me.  Gee and I am such a good patient also,  not! 

    Anyway I guess I will enjoy my drug induced stuper for a few more days.  I am back on the darvocet.  The other made me itch and I had some really scary nightmares.  I swore someone was standing at my bedside with his arm raised ready to stab me.  I kept hearing things outside, very freaky.  Zoey kept looking at me like, what is your problem, I am trying to sleep here.  Good old nurse dog.

   Thought I would post a couple of pictures to remind us how pretty the year was.





siennastarr said...

Julie.. I apologize for having not stopped by your journal for a few entries, but I have been busy with those darn Vivi's.. lol   I am trying to get back into my alerts again.  I know you just went through your gallbladder surgery and are still not feeling so great, so let me offer my heartfelt prayers that you get to feeling better soon!  I've had plenty of surgeries (all abdominal), so I know of what you speak... but, I have not had my gallbladder out...YET!  Hopefully never.  I've had enoug surgeries to last a lifetime!

Thank you for stopping by and offering your thoughts and good wishes to those lady's suffering with BC.  In spite of your pain, you took the time do that.. thank you.. :)

Hugs and love

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Love the pix did you take them??? Darvocet does nothing for me...and the others make me sick beyond pain is my middle name!! thinking of asking them to try something else to help!  Hugs,TerryAnn

linnpooh said...

I'm so sorry I didn't know you had surgery! I'm glad it went well and I hope that you will soon be up and feeling better. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Enjoy your Davocet :)

Pooh Hugs,

ladeeoftheworld said... favorite flower.  I had a little laparoscopic surgery this past summer.  Everything was fine until 4 weeks after.  Horrifying, make-me-scream, sudden pangs of pain.  I'm a nurse and I was scared to death.  It subsided after a 10 days and turned out it was completely normal.  I must have pulled loose a little adhesion.  Strange.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, no way is gallbladder surgery a piece of cake.  Many told my son the same thing.  Lord, if a young kid doesn't heal fast, who  I do have to say that I work with a guy who's in his 50's like me.  Had his gallbladder out on a Friday and was back to work Tues.  I truly don't think that's the norm.  This was when my son had his out and was still popping the pain pills and feeling quite "green" from nausea.  It will get better but not as fast as people told you.  I think it's like childbirth...they forget about it after the fact.  HUGS  Chris