Thursday, October 5, 2006

Shock and Awe


     My Doctors office called and guess what!   I have gallbladder disease......ya think!  LOL.   I pretty much had figured that out.   Now I have to go see a surgeon on Wed.  So much for a quick fix.  What I am wondering though is my gall bladder showed 40 % function and I am not sure if they do surgery unless it gets below 30.   I would think they count some on the severity of your symptoms, but insurance may not feel the same way.  I guess I should say I will see if my insurance company will let me have this problem taken care of.

    I am off now until next Thursday.  Thank goodness as I am still not feeling really good.  Still having enough gas to fill a hot air balloon and feel upchucky off and on.  I am also wondering if this may be why I am having trouble losing weight lately.  As bile helps break down fat for digestion, and if mine is not working up to snuf, it stands to reason that may be why my weight loss has also become a non-issue.  Maybe getting this taken care of will help me get back on track.  One can hope.  Always hopeful, thats me.

   Check out Dads entry this morning.Dad's Tomato Garden Journal © 2006  He has a really good entry today.  I like that man.


siennastarr said...

I can never understand an insurance companies logic.  It seems to me that if you are continually having pain and problems with your gall bladder, and it's been confirmed that it is, in fact, gall bladder disease, then you would think they would rather pay to have it removed, than to always be paying an ER  or doctor bill.  Insurance companies are just so weird.  Especially if they are HMOs!

I agree about DAD!  He is one of the most awesome people I have had the good fortune to run across here in Jland.  He is such a sweet and humble man, and I just find it awesome that at the age of 92, he keeps a journal!! He is a total inspiration to me!


springangel235 said...

I'm so happy you are getting this taken care will feel so much better after the surgery is over.  Your right about insurance companies...they are the problem...lets hope they look at it from the point of view...YOU NEED THE SURGERY!
I visit Dad every morning...he is the BEST...everyone needs to visit his journal...thanks for mentioning him...hugs and love, have a wonderful evening...

madcobug said...

If you could have had the test when you were at your worse it probably would have been 30% or less. Glad you are feeling better though. Hope your insurance covers the surgery. Helen

jckfrstross said...

well at least you now know what is wrong:) hope you can get it done quick:)


rebuketheworld said...

So they will make you wait until you reach 30? crazy...why be uncomfortable because of their numeric scale....hope the insurane company will back you up on this....-Raven

sugarsweet056 said...

Hope they come up with a solution fast!
Hugs, Sug

cuteybaby1981 said...

I am so sorry to hear that Julie....I pray you are feeling better

Love the graphic!!!


lanurseprn said...

You'd think that as bad as you are feeling they'd go ahead and do it.  I'm glad you know now what the issue is and I hope you are well on the road to feeling better now.