Sunday, October 29, 2006

My incision is infected.


    I guess I blew it by not calling the doctor Friday and asking to have my staples removed when they started getting red and really bothering me.  Today I woke up and I have a fever.  The incision by my belly butter is fire engine red with a large red area radiating around it and worse yet it is starting to open up.   Now I took care of a patient that had a terrible infection in her umbilicus incision after a lap.  She ended up with a deep hole we had to pack and was on IV antibiotics for days.  I sure don't need this.  I had been keeping it covered as my clothes were rubbing on it and didn't realize it was looking quite so irritated, it wasn't this bad after my shower!   Just my luck.  I can't wait until they get removed tomorrow.  I put some triple antibiotic oint on it and will hope for the best and some tylenol for the temp.  Sigh.


    Now for yesterday.   We went to Omaha and had a nice day.  Rick wasn't sure he wanted to go but he had a good time.  We went to a few stores and I bought some organic rice cakes, yik by the way, and some beers for the beer cellar.  We got some really different ones so it will be fun to have a tasting one of these days.  Then we went to Crescent Moon.Crescent Moon Alehouse - Omaha, NE   I did have the Rueben since it was invented right across the street at the historical Blackstone Hotel Click for enlarged photo

City of Omaha's Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission

   It was wonderful also, just like you would make at home.  Yes all the calories also.

   When we left there we went to Upstream Brewing company to play some pool. Upstream Brewing Company We both have played pool for years and once we were very very hard to beat.  Won us some money and trophies in our day, but now we don't play as often and play more for fun then we used to. 

   It used to make us so mad when we would miss a shot we had practiced so often and never missed in practice, LOL.  So much stress for a hobby. 

   Anyway we went and played pool and had a few homebrews.  There beer is the same usually but differs depending on the brewer.  Once Rick almost decided to work there but we didn't want to move to Omaha and the drive made it not fessible.  I did terrible at pool but Rick and fun.

  We always loved this pool hall.  We would to in the afternoon and play for hours.  The had great jazz and blues on the jukebox.  Not so much now a days and the tables were kept in great shape, not so much now a days either.  It gets pretty pricy though at 6 dollars.

   We both drank lots of water mostly because we had a long drive home.  I had wanted to spend the night but they get such ridiculous prices for motels and hotels these days.  I just want a clean bed to sleep on and a shower.  They can keep all that other crap and not charge me over a hundred, Yikes.  We used to go there alot for the weekend when it was 30 a night, no more.  We were surprised to find out is was 11:30 at night when we left so we didn't get home to Sioux City til 1 am.  Pretty late for us old folks.

   So anyway that was our day yesterday.  Today I am suppose to be having my MIL over for grilled steaks so I hope I get to feeling better.  I haven't told Rick about my infection as he will think we shouldn't have gone yesterday.  Wouldn't have made any difference and we sure had fun.   Just looked over and my dog is laying on the couch having doggy dreams with her legs running all over the place and softly woofy in her sleep.  I bet she is chasing those squirrels again, lol.


    you know, I used to play in the leaves until one day I noticed there were spiders in them,   I wish I had never noticed that.



                      Good joke: Foreign Languages

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