Friday, October 20, 2006

Later in the day, graphic pic, be warned


   Had to show off my newest tag, isn't is cute.  Its from Missy also.

   I added my picture of my gallbladder.  I did the small one as you don't have to look at it close it you don't want to.  My husband says my gallbladder looks like a sweet potato.  I hope I don't think about that every time I eat one.

  I got something stronger for pain.  Raven can you believe he sent me home with Darvocet!  Usually that is pretty good for me but it was not doing the trick this time.  I got something stronger and now feel better.

   The anethestist that took care of me yesterday looked and sounded like Jimmy Stewart.  I thought that was cool.  As we were walking down the hall to the surgery room I started calling.  Dead man walking.  That's what you feel like.  So weird to be strapped down to the table and everyone working on you.   I lay there trying not to get up and run.  Making lame jokes. 

    The surgery center is pretty cool.  I am thinking about applying for a job there.   Everything runs so smooth and they make you really comfortable.   I got a red rose when I left.  I always give the chills after surgery so I made Rick turn the heat way up on the way home.   I have 12 staples on my stomach, ouch.

   Well Rick has supper ready.  He made goulash for the first time and it was very good.  He is a pretty good cook these days.


sugarsweet056 said...

They didn't remove your gb with a lap procedure? They did that on my son a few yrs ago & only 3 little punctures he was left with.
Darvocet? Oh please! That wouldn't help my stumped toe! GRRR
Have a good weekend.

jckfrstross said...

wow i love to see the pics of your gallbladder:) i have knee pics just as graphic. it does look like a sweet potato lol have a good weekend


rebuketheworld said...

Dead men fell out laughing when you wrote that....that gall bladder picture is awesome.....and yes...I'm so happy your past this step....your going to be fine...but heck actually have the energy to blog...geese your a strong woman...and yeah....Percocet let them make you uncomfortable....the only reasons why my past 5 C-sections have fond because I had no if you feel uncomfortable....let your doctors know...I cried reading this glad your surgery is done and you can not worry you!!!!!!!!!!!! -Raven

ladeeoftheworld said...

LOL.....I love seeing pics of my own internal organs too.   Too funny.

lanurseprn said...

I can't believe they sent you home with Darvocet??  OMG that wouldn't touch me.  I'm glad you got something stronger.
Have a good day...take it easy.