Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hello, Goodbye

   So they think they can end this, they think they can stop my daily entries of boredom!  Well they can't.  They can't.  This is not the end.  This is the begining of a new start.  So goodbye old journal.  Goodbye J-land.  Hello to blogging.  Am I sad..... you bet cha

  So you say goodbye...... I say Hello.  Join me at the new blog site.  See ya there.  Julia's New Journal

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


            I have been trying to get a really positive outlook about this entire thing but the truth is...... It sucks.

         Maybe I am just running on tired this week and can't seem to think clearly.  I look at the instructions for moving my entire journals over to the blog site and I have a headache.  

    Outside my window a doe quietly eats grass, no concerns about anyone ripping 3 years of her life out from under her.  She doesn't have to look at her pictures, all 3000 of them, and decide which to keep and which to let go.  She doesn't have to look in her archives for old entries she doesn't want to lose.

     What bothers me!  What if we do start all over and it is closed down in the new site.  Could happen, 

      Now I have 2 deer by the way.  Mother and fawn.  The little one is getting its first horns, so cute.  The coat has darkened for winder.  They look healthy this year.  Must be getting enough to eat.

     Anyway, back to my whine

      I will give it a try.  I probably won't go overboard again.  Learned my lesson.  I have photo's in several different places, hopefully they will stay open.  The reality...with the economy I guess I can't blame them.  Some places will go under.  But why did it have to be this place?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


   So, I hear we can migrate our journal to a new blog.  So to test it I started a new blog.  Frankly I don't care for it as well.  I don't like the photo's as well but I guess I will get used to it.  So I created a blog and I don't see a migrate button.  Hopefully they will tell us how to do that.

   I have had this journal for 3 years.  I am a paid AOL user because of my journal.  That is really the only reason I stayed with AOL.  So now I will be able to free up this money.  May be a good thing.  Because I certainly won't pay for them without being able to have my journal.  I can get the same things for nothing elsewhere.   I hope we all go to blogs.  I don't want to lose touch with everyone from here.  So as you all create your new blogs please let us know so I can add them to my newly created blog folder.  Hope to see you all there.

Julia's New Journal. 

Sad day

  Just hear AOL is closing us down.  All my journals will be lost if I can't figure out how to save them.  AFter all the work on my vacation journal.  Why is that.  This truly sucks.  So if anyone wants to help walk me through how to save the journals I love drop me a line.  This is sad.

I'll Live to ride again

       I thought this picture of Rick turned out so strange.  It looks like the type of fake background they use in portraits.  It is however the real thing,  He looks cute though.

      Had my doctor appointment.  Surprisenly my lung function isn't much worse then it was.  My lungs are just inflamed.   Get me back on my medication, and take like I am suppose to and I should be good to go.  I have to take a steroid inhaler for a month which doesn't make me happy but I do want to be breathing better.   He was very nice and didn't lecture me about going off my meds.  They say every patient does it at least once and usually one bad attack is all it takes to get them to be good little patients again.

    Now I am going back to bed.  My back is seriously out and I didn't sleep much because of the pain.  I want to try and get a few more hours in as I have to work tonight.  I am going to put my ten's unit on and sleep away.  So Night all.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Vacation journal

  I have added some new pictures to the vacation journal from the Tetons.  I want to go back.  Check out Yellowstone also.  I am slowly getting the journal finished.

   We just got back from eating and are going to watch a movie we rented.  Hope everyone is having a great day.  I am trying not to think about my stocks crashing loud enough to be heard in the most remote area of the world.  Who wants to retire anyway.  I have heard its overrated.

A Day off

    I am glad I made it to my day off.  It was a long weekend.  Work was busy and some family problems have surfaced that I need to take care of.  So a day off is welcome and much needed.

   Below are the sandhill cranes we saw.

   I see my asthma doctor tomorrow to see if I ruined my lungs forever.  I still can't take a deep breath without coughing.  Did get a ride in the the other day which went well that was good.

     My son as been doing weight watchers.  He looks great.  He has lost a lot of weight and is walking everyday.  I need to get motivated to do the same.  Just in a slump.  Everytime I get back into it my back goes out or something happens.  Excuses excuses but it wears you down.

    I am thinking of quiting the gym anyway.  The way our government is screwing everything up I figure we had all better hunker down and save every penny we can.  I think this is their way of getting the all world money passed they want in play.  This has all been orchestrated.  China and Japan are all for it.  Old Bush wanted.  This might be all just a step they created to get us there.  Our federal government has royally screwed up.  Scary times.  I learned to live within my means, why can't they?

   Well, its bedtime.  I am tired.  Take care all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fall colors

   Soon it will be time to go out and get some new fall pictures.  I am thinking they will be really good this year.  For now I look at last years.

   Crisp leaves crackling under your bike tires.   Today under out feet.  Today we are going to walk one of our favorite bike trails so we can bring the dog and walk her.   She loves this type of weather.  The hot weather really bothers her and in her older age she prefers the AC but in the fall, she could walk all day.

   I got my hair cut short today.  Got me a Kathy Bates hairdo.  I liked the new haircut she is wearing and decided to take the plunge.  It looks pretty good.  Rick got his tooth fixed this morning so we are getting a late start but will be ready soon.

     My last day off.  Tomorrow work.  My back is still acting up so I want to take it easy today.  A nice lazy walk will be good for us all.



  Thanks Helen for the help with my plants.  I was pretty sure on the 2nd one but had no clue on the first one.  Turns out it likes more water then I would have given it.  It took me a long time to learn not to overwater my plants, LOL.  Now I get one that likes to stay moist!

  Anyway thanks all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

help with houseplants

  I got these 2 houseplants I don't know the name of.   The first one is one I planted in the pot my son gave me for my birthday. 

      The 2nd is a type of fern I think.  Is it an asparagus fern?  Any help so I don't kill them would be appreciated.

The new Journal

  I have a long way to go on the new journal but enough is done I decided to make it public if you want to see it.  I am still adding entries and pictures as I go.  Mostly I add the entry and then go back and add pictures and it is a work in progress.  Anyway you have to go to the first entry in the journal and work your way to the front.  Maybe I should have started from the end and worked my way to the beginning for it to make sense but I am not starting over.  Anyway.  here is is Vacation 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Phone Call

       So I got the call from Rick.  Nervous little chuckle.   Guess where I am.......  Small town USA.   Motorcycle broke down.  Sigh.  What to do.....

        My son is just such a nice man.   He showed up accidentally to help me bail out Rick in his time of need.   My son drives a big ole pickup.   A truck which I have told him frequently was just a gas hog and not at all practical.   I was thrilled to see him pull in today.

     Gee wouldn't it be a great day for a road trip I asked?   Well.... I do have plans he said, Why? daddy is stuck again on that sorry &*$%!)#HH piece of metal he calls a motorcycle and needs us to pick him up, pretty please.

    So off we go to motorcycle neat road number 85 to pick up Rick who is stranded with a bike that doesn't like to travel as much as he does.  It was a good day for a ride and I am just happy that his old self is safe.

     After supper we are watching a movie.  I am happy he is here to watch it with me.  I hope the bike stays broken for a long time.


         The above picture was from the Battle of Little Big Horn National Park at the Indian Memorial site.   Very cool sculpture.  Very thought provoking park.

         Well, we didn't go out of town this weekend after all.   I cleaned my basement out as it needed it and then last night we went to the roller derby.  We are sponsor's.  It is fun watching the girls out there skating away and now that I know how they score I can really get into it.  A couple of the woman on the team are from our hospital and I work with one of the players.  Heck, 30 years ago I would have loved to do it. I was always good on skates.  Now a days I would probably break if I got slammed down to the ground as often as these women do.  It was a fun night though.

     Now I am nervously awaiting Ricks return.  He is out for a motorcycle ride.  He always leaves early and never lets me know which way he is going.  The phone is still here so he can't call.  His bike is old, but he keeps it running very well.  I worry about the other people on the road.  So I always get a little tense until he gets home.  He has had 4 accidents and it was always the car's fault.  Remember his hit and run a couple of years ago?

     Anyway silly of me but I do just feel better when I hear him returning.  Today I am going to go get a plant for my planter Luke gave me for my birthday.  It is very pretty and I want a special plant to put in it.  My back is out so I am taking it easy today.  Don't ya just hate it when you do a little weeding and some cleaning in the basement and just doing that little bit causes your back to go out.  At least it could have been after doing something wildly fun like rafting down a raging river and a night of hot sex.  Not weeding.  Life is weird sometimes.

     Would you still believe I am going through pictures.  I decided to do a new journal of the vacation so Rick and I can remember it.  So I am writing it out and adding pictures.  Slow work.  When I am finished if anyone wants to read it and see the shots let me know.  Boring to most unless you were there.

    Well, guess I had better get busy doing things.  I am getting my outdoor plants ready to come in for the winter soon.  I think it might be a snowy cold one.  They are getting so huge it is difficult to find room for them indoors anymore.  My jade tree is huge as it the cactus.  And I have to get rid of the buggies that move into the soil during their outside time.  Don't want the buggies inside.

     Take care all.  Hopefully will get a bike ride in this evening.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last day

          Work has a way of effectively erasing most memories of vacations from you brain and bringing you sharply back to the present.   I spent the first day back with my head in the clouds on long lonely highways but after being charge and having a full house yesterday I have difficulty even remembering what the mountains look like.  Sigh.  

        Today I was looking at rentals on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.   Houses on Lake Superior with a deck overlooking the beach.   Trying to tempt Rick with another road trip.  To see the fall colors.  Not having much luck though.  Darn.

    One more night of work.   We are running pretty full as we tend to do in the cooler months.   My low census days are probably over for awhile.  I have a cold and just don't feel up to par so am looking forward to my long stretch off even if I don't do anything but rest up.  I do have to start on cleaning out the basement.  No fun.

    Oh and something surprising happened.   My BIL paid us back our $400.  Surprise surprise.   He is getting ready to go back to Arizona.  The cold weather is not his cup of tea.  Can't blame him there.  Another chapter ending.  A disturbing upsetting chapter.

    I have been talking to my younger sister.  Her health is very bad.  I also want to drive there and visit.  See my niece.  Greenbay Wi. isn't that far away.  Time to mend some fences.  Also I am not done withmy wanderlust it seems, LOL.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great Day

   First of all Happy Birthday to all you other September birthdays.   I had a great day.  First of all I slept well, way up there on my too do list.   Got my floor vacuum and it works great,  both sons came over and took me to eat and got me a present.  I am now dressed and ready to go back to work.   My last night and then I am off tomorrow.  I am still working on the photo's.   I loved the one in the last entry.  There are two salamanders there, did you see them both.  I like that it was drinking when I took the picture.

    I am way behind on journals but slowly catching up.   Having to work this week isn't helping.  Anyone want to send me the winning lottery ticket so I can just stay home?   Anyway.   Be good and I am so glad to hear from the Texas ladies that your all safe and well.  I was so worried about you.  Glad you were spared the mess.  Glad it wasn't as bad as they feared.

   Below, two of my favorite things to shoot.  Old wood and flowers.

        Well, one more night of work.  It has been like I haven't been gone at all.   Tody is my birthday so they made me a sheet cookie decorated and we had pizza.  I got some pretty candles, they smell so nice.   And the Rick gave me what I wanted.  At the cabin they had a eureka floor vacumm  for bare floors.  It was light weight and wouldn't harm the floors.   I wanted one and I got one.   Those dust bunnies can't escape me now.  Of course i already got some jewelry and a new purse and wallet.  '

      It is strange being 54.  2 years older then my mother lived.  2 years younger then my grandmother lived to be.  Will I make it that old or am I in my twilight years  Things that seemed important now don't seem the same  Work is watching you.  Hoping to find a way to fire you before you get all that retirement money.They are watching you hoping for they can replace you at half your salary and bennies,  I can't even begin to tell you how many nurses lately have been fired that have worked their over 20 years.  Valuable nurses with years of experience.  It all comes down to the bottom dollar.  Everyone is worried about it.

    Anyway, enough of that.  I am going to bed.  I am sleepy and hope to sleep a few hours  Night all.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Work tonight

  Well back to work again tonight.  Remembering being above the clouds as we climbed the mountains.  It will be hard to stay awake after this long.   I am slowly sorting pictures and getting them in order.  May take awhile.  I spent today reading everyone remembrances of 911.  I will never forget that day.  Take care all.  Its a beautiful country and world.  Enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Good Morning

    How would you like to catch that monster rainbow trout on your fly?

        Today is going to be spent unpacking, grocery shopping and cleaning house.   My sons did a great job taking care of things and we could not have done this trip without them but deep house cleaning obviously is not their strong points, LOL.  Thats OK.  I am just happy they were so helpful.

      Poor Dan moved back in to take care of things.  Some Obama supporters stopped over to talk.   Dan politely told them he wasn't interested in voting for Obama and told them why when they asked.  The got more and more heated and started calling him a racist and other names.  Dan isn't, just doesn't believe in his politics and couldn't believe they were knocking on his door and then attacking him for his viewpoints.  So much for a open discussion.   I would have slammed the door on them. 

    Today they are delivery our tiles.  Yup, we are finally getting our roof.  They will be here tomorrow and had better be done by Thursday night because I need to sleep Friday.  Figures they would come now.

     I have hundreds of pictures to go through.  I couldn't get my laptop to work at any motel so I could go online but it did work great to store my pictures.  So now I have to transfer them to a on-line site and CD and then see if any look wonderful.  I had Rick use the Soni and he got some great shots.   A million times I wished I had a good zoom lens on my Canon and Rick actually got better shots on the Soni then I did on the Canon.  Also turned out my new battery wasn't any good so I was down to one.   70 dollars and it didn't work.  So I have to return that one.
    Zoey is very happy to see us and very clingy.   I wish she was the type of dog we could have brought with us.  She would have loved it.  However being a scent dog she doesn't walk well on the leash,  Zig and zag smelling this right and left she would have run right off the canyon smelling something.  Plus she is not doing so well these days.  But she is happy we are here and we are happy to see her.

   Well enough of a break.   I have a house to clean.  Darn.  Vacation is over.

    Oh, on my near fatal asthma attack.  It came on our 2nd bike ride.  We did 25 miles and the first 8 miles was uphill.  Then we drove down to the first tunnel.  It was steep going down and when we turned to go us I started to have trouble catching my breath.  Which turned into a full blown asthma attack like I have never had.  I couldn't talk the my airway got more and more restricted.  You could hear it squeaking to get in.  They call it strider and I had it big time.  I could feel my throat close off .    I couldn't breath to inhale my inhaler so just squirted it in my mouth and prayed.  We were out in the sticks, no phone service and I was starting to black out.  I knew I would die if I didn't get my breath and that is probably how people die from their asthma.

   The medicine must have worked slight because my throat started to relax and I was able to get a good puff on the inhaler.  My chest hurt like mad and my ears were roaring.  I still couldn't talk and every time I tried to get a deep breath I would have a coughing fit.  I was scared to death.  And I had a 5 mile, 4 percent grade hill to climb before we hit the downhill.

     I rested and tried to ride but I just didn't have the air.  So we both walked and rested all the way up.  Thank goodness my legs are strong even if my lungs are shot.  At the top it was pure joy to get on my bike and coast all the way into Hall City without having to pedal.  I am still having problems here 2 weeks later.  My lungs gave me problems the rest of the trip.  Every mountain had me wheezing and short of breath and my chest hurt for a week.  It didn't stop me from hiking but our bike rides were over.  I was very very disappointed but I tell ya, happy to be alive.

Monday, September 8, 2008


  Just a couple of pictures.  There are more.  Trust me.


I'm back

  We made it back.  We hit South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and back to Iowa.   I had a blast.   Bull moose crossing in front of us.  Canyons, mountains,  Streams, rivers, mud pods,   We saw deer, coyote, fox. Sand Cranes, eagles, You name it.  I had a asthma attack that almost killed me.  The cabin was great.  I had a great time.  I took 1000 pictures.  I can't download them today.  What fun.  It is a beautiful country.  I had a job offer in Cody and would move to parts of Montana in a heart beat if I was rich.  What fun.  Tomorrow I start downloading pictures.  Hi all.  I missed you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bye all

   Well, its early morning.  We are finishing up the packing.  Sipping some coffee.  Watching Zoey pout because she does know we are leaving I swear.  She just lays there with her face down and follows us with her eyes.   OK dog.  Make us feel guilty, LOL.  In fact right now she just crawled under the bed and only her back feet are poking out.

    Chester however acts like he has no clue.  Busy begging he has one thing and one thing only on his mind.  Breakfast.  To have it so simple.

   True to tradition Rick is busy this morning packing his clothes.  True to tradition I was packed last night.  I slept like a lamb until 6,  Rick got up at 4 am.  I feel fresh and ready to go.  Rick....well Rick looks tired.  giggle.

   The weather is going to be a combo.  Cool in the evening, even cold some evenings, but in the 70s to 80 during the day.  So we have to bring both sets of clothes.  I will have Rick bring the saddle bags for the bikes so we can store the extra coats etc if it gets warmer when we ride.  We probably won't hit the trail until Sunday.

   Tonight we are eating at the Firehouse Brewery in Rapid City.  We are spending the night there and then on the cabin in the morning.

   Well, its time to start loading the van.  Can we say excited.  YES we can.

   Last I was looking up some witty travelers prayer to leave as a ending.  Some were pretty bleak,  Please dear lord don't let us crash and burn up in a horrible way I beseech thee blah blah.  Oh my goodness, that sets the mood doesn't it.  Instead I leave this travelers prayer from my heart..

    Dear Lord.  Thanks.  For all that I will see, for all that I will do.  For the means to do it..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its here


          It's a miracle.   Got a call.  The hitch is here.  Can you come right out to put it on.  Yes.  Leap out of bed.  Run outside.  Rick!   Rick!    No Rick!  Oh no.  Run back inside.  Call them back to see if we can get it on in a hour.  No go.  Oh No.   Run to the bedroom and start throwing clothes on.  All this after being woken from a sound sleep less then 3 minutes before and I have had No Coffee!
    Come running out of the bedroom pulling on my pants and collide with Rick.  Oh have to leave NOW.  Pushing him out the door with a hurried explanation.

   So the hitch gets on after-all.   Life is good.  Now I am sitting here sipping my coffee.  Waiting for my pulse to get back to normal.  Thinking about sleeping for another hour since he will be gone a hour.  Then thinking about all I need to do to pack and get ready.

    Yup, the day is almost upon us....finally.  We will get the van packed up tonight and leave bright and early in the morning.   For the first vacation since 1998.  I am so excited I could spit, except that wouldn't be lady like would it.

   Gosh, maybe I should check the mail.  Maybe my camera filters will be here.  Maybe Ricks shoes.  Maybe the winning numbers to the Readers Digest Million give a way.  Or is it more these days?

   In the morning I will be switching off my alerts.  Don't want the daunting task of seeing 900 alerts when I return.  I am not sure if and where I will be able to use my laptop.  Not at the cabin it sound like.  Maybe at some of the motels.

    We have decided to go to Wyoming.  Drive around and maybe slowly get to the Grand Tetons national park.   or Yellowstone. I have always wanted to go there.  My camera and I will go nuts.  Rick might have a good time also, LOL.  I don't really care where we end up.  It will be nice to be traveling and just relaxing.

    Rick stresses sometimes about where we will sleep at night, but I remind him if all the motels are full we have a very comfortable luxury van with soft leather seats that fold completely down to make a nice resting place.  We'll be fine.


    Well.  Time to stop putting off the packing.  I have one cup of coffee in me.  Take care all and hopefully I will be checking in from time to time with a photo or 2000.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a nice surprise

     I woke up and  checked my journal and saw all the nice comments left congratulating me.  I won't tell you how many of those contests I have entered but obviously I did hope to win one some day.  It was on my bucket list for those who saw that movie, LOL.   So thanks you all.  I am thrilled.

Last night of work

       Last night was a good night.  I was charge so the night just flew by.  One more to go.  I am excited.

      Yesterday I spent cleaning house and doing laundry.  I have everything pretty organized so I can throw it all together when we do pack.  Still no hitch.  We are now looking at the unpleasant prospect of putting the bikes in the back of the van.  I have light beige carpet and will have to put a blanket down.  I don't want grease on it.  We still have today and tomorrow for it to get here.  They said it will only take a hour to get it on so keep your fingers crossed.

     I am trying not to stress about Zoey.  I know Dan will take good care of her along with Luke.  I almost wish we had boarded her though.  Hopefully it will work out fine.

     I read in the Rapid City news that bikers should be careful about the rattlesnake on the trails.  Great.  First maybe mountain lions, now rattle snakes.  What next, black widow spiders!  Yikes.

    Tomorrow we have to get our energy jells and Rick is borrowing some bike shorts from our son.  He has resisted getting bike shorts but it really helps on a long trip.

     The weather is suppose to perfect for riding.  Mid 70's.  Not too hot.  I can't wait to be on the trail.  I am bringing my laptop but don't think I will be able to get wireless so you probably won't hear from me until I get back.  We might go to the Grand Tetons after we leave the Black Hills for a week so I am not sure when we will get back.  We just might bum for awhile.
     Well, I am getting tired.  Time for sleep.  Take care all.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A day off


        I am off work today and glad of it.  It wasn't a bad week at work but I have much to do and am running out of time to do it.

    I will sleep until around 2:30 and then get some shopping done.   Hopefully they will call to say they got the hitch and can install it.  They we have to get a adapter for our bike rack.   I need to get food on hand for Zoey and Chester.  Need to get some energy gel for riding.  Wash and iron some clothes, clean the house, give detailed instructions to both kids plus emergency numbers where they can reach us.

      Clean out the van, clean out the fridge.  Plan a menu.  Etc..... etc....  I want to get some pepper spray as they have had some mountain lions around.   Don't want them chasing me on my bike but that should would motivating me to get up that hill, LOL.

      Sounds like a awful amount of work for a vacation.  It also doesn't look like my camera parts will be by then, sigh.  I want to go to the library and get a good book to read and some good wine to sit out and stare at the stars with the man I love.

     The last time I was at the Black Hills was with my in-laws.  It was our last trip.  My father in law was already sick and didn't live much longer.  I wish they were going with us again as we had so much fun and I miss them.

     Well, I am drifting here.   Time to get to bed.  2 more nights of work to go.  I just might make it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


       I find myself getting antsy and distracted. Waiting for the day to get here.  Thinking about all the little things we still need to do.  It is bad having to work every day until the trip.  I will have one day to get everything packed and ready.  We have to have a good plan on what to do  if they can't get the hitch on the van.  I have a great bike rack.  Just no way to put in on the van and I am not taking the old van up there.  We will probably have to store the bikes in the van which takes up so much room.

       Work is going well.  Very very busy.  It is making the time fly.  During break I was looking at the TV in the break room.  One of those infomercial.  Reminded me again why I don't have TV.  Tell me.  Why should we have to pay for them to advertise to me.  And if your paying for TV why should there be commercials anyway?  I maybe could understand it when TV was free and easy, but now that you pay a fortune..... why commercial?  They should be paying me, and plenty at that, to watch all the crap they advertise.  That is why I don't wear name brand clothes with their logo all over it.  If they want me to advertise there product, pay me.

     I see these cars with advertising wraps on them.  They ARE paid to do that.  Now that I might do.  If I liked the product.  But this insanity of paying them to let me watch their stupid way.

    Ok, off the soap.  Guess I am not ready to get a TV yet.  Every time I think about it briefly I remember the things that make me mad.

    Rick is grilling supper and we are having a pot luck at work tonight.  BLT's with fresh tomatoes and homemade bread.  Yummy.  I will probably get pulled to an different floor tonight.  Our census is low.  So hopefully won't be so busy I can't get to it.

    Well, supper is ready.   I love it when someone else cooks for me.  Its good to be the Goddess, LOL.

      6 days to go.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Counting down the days.

         One day of work gone, 5 more 12 hour shifts to go.  Can you say counting down the days.  I am getting excited. 

   The bad news is our hitch still isn't in.  How to get our bikes up there if we don't get the hitch.  I guess if we have to I can bad the top of the roof and they can ride up there because I haven't been planning this trip to the Black Hills to ride the bike trail for over a year only to have it all go up in smoke.  Of course you can rent bikes there but I want to ride on my bike.  My bike that my camera bag snuggly fits on.  My bike that I have trained on.  MY bike.

    Did we train enough for the trail?  Probably not.  Oh well.  If I can't ride up all the hills I can walk.  I am determined to go on the trail and get pictures of the tunnels.  Greg, what setting should I use to shoot in a tunnel, LOL. 

     Friday we are spending the night at Rapid City and going to the brew pup.  Firehouse Brewery.  Then Saturday we go to the cabin.  They don't give you the directions on how to get there until the week before.  Very private and seclude.   I can't wait.

     I had to be charge last night the first 4 hours.  Total chaos.  I must have heard my name called 500 times so it was a relief at 11 to just take on my own patients and do my own thing.   I no longer care to be charge.  Spend to many years doing it and just want to concentrate on my own group of patients these days.  And a lovely group I had.

    I have actually been reading my manual for the new camera.  On line there is a great site with step by step instructions on using the camera with pictures on what buttons to use.  Should have done this class first.

    Well, time to get ready for work and visit some of your journals.  I am way behind as usual on my week to work.  Have a great weekend all.