Monday, October 30, 2006

Ramblings of a fevered mind

   My husband was called on the phone the other day to do a poll.  He talked for awhile and then I could see he was getting angry.  The polls questions were posed in a way the the poller knew what the answer would be.  This isn't one of the questions but shows you what I mean.  Who do you think knows more about whats going on in the war,  Hilary or McCain?  Not who would be better at handling what is going on there, but who knows more about it.  Personally I think neither but that wasn't an answer.  And how in the world would anyone know what a politician was really thinking?  But do you see what I mean.  The questions are worded so that the poll will come out like they want.  Then in the news the next day, Polls show more people favor Democrats as being better to handle the was issues.  What!   There wasn't even a republican mentioned. 

    I only mention this because these polls are so one sided.  Its like asking what do like best?  Bread with peanut butter and jelly or bread with jelly and peanut butter.  Headline news!  People like bread with peanut butter and jelly!  Yippy skippy. 

    When someone calls me and asks me to do a poll I ask to hear the questions first.  If it looks like the type of fixed poll like I just mentioned I decline to take the poll and tell them why.  If they won't read me the questions first I decline the poll.  DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH.

    Next thing.   Heard a thing on the radio today.   A woman brings her 3 years old daughter to see body works 2. MoS | Gunther von Hagens' BODY WORLDS 2 - Plan Your Visit  Know what that is?   A German Doctor takes real human bodies and part and incases them in a resin type material and displays them.  As a nurse I would probably find this very interesting even though there is a huge controversy about how legally he obtains these bodies.  The 3 year old girl however was just terrified.  The radio people thought it was funny, the mother thought it was funny............... I don't.  I think it unbelievable how stupid and selfish this woman was and wonder what type of scars she has permanently implanted in her daughters head.  I think it is child abuse.  The child was clearly scared to death.  Did her mother protect her?  No !  Her mother laughed at her and had fun at her expense.  Sure Mom wanted to see the exhibit.  Wait until you can find a sitter.  Wait years until your child is older.   Get sterilized.  Poor taste Mom.

    I am running a pretty good fever tonight.  The infection seems to be making itself at home in my body.  That always gets me somewhat B----y.    So things like this are like rubbing salt on a raw wound, oh I just had sympathy pain in my tummy when I said that.   Hope the antibiotics work soon.

     Oh another thing.  Ran into an old friend today.   She had scars all over her face and both arms had been broken and she had numerous scars there also.  Her dog attacked her!  The dog she had had for years. 

    She was walking both dogs in the field behind her house like she does every night.  All of a sudden her Staffordshire Bull Terrier grabbed hold of her other dogs nose and wouldn't let go.  The dog weighed over 100 pounds.  She did a choke hold on her dog to make it open its mouth and it turned on her.  After biting her repeatedly breaking both of her forearms and shattering the bones she was able by clear thinking get the leash wrapped around a fire hydrant and tie the dog up.  She said if she hadn't kept her head the dog would probably have killed her. 

     The dog was brought to animal control and quarantined for 10 days.  During the 10 days it got sicker and sicker and they had to put the dog down.  The found it had a brain tumor.   God that just gave me the chills.  My dog weights in at 67 pounds and I can't imagine her doing anything like that.   Personally I think being the breed she is she wouldn't do that.  Who knows.  Anyway my beautiful friend with scars all over her face and braces on her arms cried like a baby when theyput the dog down.  She is grateful it was her when the dog snapped and not someone else.  Like a child.

    So this is how my mind rambles when I am sick.  Weird huh.   I will probably have weird dreams also.

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