Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Transplanted eyelashes?

     Well this just got me giggling I tell you.  What will people do next.  Some of the trends that I hear about just floor me.  You take the hair from your head and transplant it on your eyelids at a time.  It keeps on growing.  Just think, when your 80 you will go to the hairdresser to get you head and eyes dones.  What if you get senile?  Who will get the job of keeping your eyelashes trimmed so you can see, probably the nurse or aide taking care of you.  What if you have a bad hair day?  I can wear a hat, what do I do for my eyes, patches, shades?  It makes me laugh thinking about this one.  And people are doing it.  Sad that people can't be happy with themselves.   I have thin eyelashes but can do wonders when I want with mascara and a curler.   Tell the truth though I rarely use makeup.  Having grown up in the natural age I never got very good at putting it on and never really liked the looks of it on me.  Just a personal preferance.

   Now on to going private.  There are some people that want to continue reading my journal.  Let me know your name and I'll add you.  Can't be to hard is it?

   A giggle a day keeps me reminded I have staples in my gut.


A TEACHER told her kindergarten pupils that they were to raise their hand if they had to go to the bathroom.

The next day, one of them said, “Teacher, last night I had to go to the bathroom, so I raised my hand. But it didn’t help. I still had to go anyway.”



sharonna1955 said...

hi julie im kinda new to your journal and id enjoy being allowed to continue to read it if i may please thanks Sue

sugarsweet056 said...

You know to add me! :)

candlejmr said...

If you will have me I would love to keep reading....

Eyelids??? What is this world coming too???? (lol)