Wednesday, October 4, 2006

6 weird things.

Krissy tagged me for this but Gee, nothing is weird about me....I am as normal as butter. Thinking about it I can come up with a few things my family thinks is weird but it isn''s normal.....normal.....normal.......

1) I can remember every single phone number in our large hospital and all of our friends. I can remember every password to every site I belong....but I have to know you at least 5 years before I will get your name right everytime.

2) I like strawberry jam mixed with mayo on 9 grain bread, at least I used to before my perpetual diet.

3) I can work with a terrible trauma patient, blood and gore all over and not blink an eye, but get sick to my stomach if one of my family gets the smallest of scratches.

4)Some people think it is weird I don't have a TV but sometimes I can read 2 books a day if I have no distractions. They also think that is weird which I think is weird.

5) I can usually tell who is calling before I pick up the phone. When my Mom was sick in the hospital I would sometime be up and getting dressed when they call to tell me she wasn't doing well.

6) As a child I would walk 4 miles out to the country everyday to give ( my horse) a carrot. I have no idea what the owners thought of me adopting their horse but that horse loved me.

Thats about as weird as I get. Now I have to tag you. So I tag.

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jckfrstross said...

i don't think any of those are weird :) have a good thursday oh how did the test go?


inquestoftruth said...

That strawberry jam and mayo thing is kinda past weird....  lol

ncphototrekker said...

I liked the one about the carrot and the horse, that was quite cute.  I have sent you my preliminary list.  I'm working on the final version which I will post.


rebuketheworld said...

You would walk 4 miles to give a horse a carrot?...that is sooo almost sounds like a scene in Disney...truly..way cool...You probably remember birthdays too....I'm horrible at names..but I once I get it, I have it...just takes me awhile...I think its great that you dont have a TV...the only show I love is "The Office"...but I rarely watch it....I miss my imagination as a child....You reading every day,,I'm sure your mind wanders to depth.....-Raven

xxroxymamaxx said... your weird things.  : )  Big hugs and GBU, Shelly