Sunday, October 8, 2006

More for my lame list

          Julie's Lame list

   I have found more to add to my list. My Lame List

13) Straight pipes on Harleys........ sorry guys but it usually is the Harley's and it usually is the same guys who drive up and down the main streets looking in windows to see their profiles.....oh, and wearing the latest from the Harley boutique.

14) Thumping car stereo's. IF I WANTED TO HEAR YOUR MUSIC I WOULD TURN ON MY OWN RADIO THANK YOU.  Of course I may be slightly sensitive since I sleep in the daytime.

15) People who refuse to dress for the weather.........really notice this on date night at the meat market. Short skirts and sleeveless tops even when the temps are in the 30's. Hummm, maybe the goosebumps are a turn on these days, and hey, how about the pneumonia cough!

16) this one hits close to home.......... Middle aged women with gall bladder problems who sample 35 different beers, give or take, and then wonder why they are having so much pain the next day............LAME JULIE!

17)  Class action law suits..........Hey ladies, great news!  If you have ever taken Fosomax your jaw may rot off causing you much pain and sorrow.  The good news is we can sue the pants off them netting you the satisfaction of nailing the bad guys + maybe a dollar and me, your favorite lawyer a cool million or two...... so give me a call.............I care!

18)   Those on-star commercials.   That whiney woman drives me nuts "yes, someone hit me'",  and I swear the 911 operator is trying hard not to laugh.  Isn't it time for another one!


  Check out my Jazz men.  Looks cool this way huh.


lanurseprn said...

LOL on your list! I completely agree!

rebuketheworld said...

I dont get the mini in freezing weather what guy is worth freezing your butt off should print up a colored copy, simple frame and give it to the photo