Thursday, August 31, 2006

My poor puppy

    Weird turn of events.  The longer the day went on the worse I feel.  Fever, aches, fatique.  How could I be sick on my first day back to work.  I almost lost my breakfast at the vets.  This looks good at work, off 9 days and then calls in the first day she was suppose to be back, but I did.  I feel crummy.

   Zoey is a puzzle to the vet.  The thing on her nose isn't a thorn but she is definitely bothering it and going bald.  He says she is starting to get an ulcer there.  For now we are going to treat it like allergies.  She had a steroid shot and is on antibiotics for the ulcer.  He is concerned about her doggy tumors.  He would like to put her under and remove them and biopsy them.  He mentioned something about doggy lupus.  Scary.  Please don't let something be seriously wrong with her.


Work work work


  Well, since my lottery ticket wasn't the winning one, I go back to work tonight.  Sigh.  I am always fine once I am there, I do love nursing, but I always hate to go.  Doing 12 hour shifts you really do nothing but work and sleep.  No time for anything else.  Also  I will have to weigh in tomorrow and it will be bad.  I am about ready to throw in the towel with this weight loss thing.  Just enjoy being healthy and active and not obcess with the weight for awhile. 

     I was adding my points for yesterday.  26.  Could 2 more points add up to the weight I have gained.  Also since our ride I have not been back on my bike.  At first I was too sore then to busy.  Now that I feel back to normal I have to work and take my doggy to the vet.  

     She has something wrong with her nose.  She is rubbing it on everything and is actually getting bald.  I hope it isn't anything serious.  Zoey is 7 this year and starting to get fatty tumors in different places.  Makes me nervous as my last dog died of cancer.  We feed her a great food, Flint River Ranch and always make sure she gets her 2 to 3 walks a day.  Love that dog and it is sad to see her slowing down and I worry when something is wrong.

   Well,  Saw Elvis at Sugars, how about another siting!



Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Granddaughters day in school.

  So I asked her how her first day went and did she learn anything yet.  Yes she said.  We learned Quantum Physics today!  Obviously my son had been coaching her, LOL.  I told her to tell her Dad they were going to learn brain surgery today.

  She sounds like she had fun. 

   Work tomorrow.  Bummer.   My husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday next month.   I told him I really want to finish the ride and get a t shirt.  So weather permitting that is what we will do.  This time I am going to do some training on hills.

    Night all.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time Flies

   The week is just flying by and my mini vacation will soon be over.  Sigh.  I have enjoyed it.  The weather went from very hot to fall cool in just a few days.  Sleeping is nice again, don't have to use my AC in the bedroom and my granddaughter went to school for the first time today.  My son took the day off and went with her as a parent could go the first day.  They rode the school bus together.  Her carefree childhood days are over. 


   I have really been missing them and hate that they are so far away.  A few hundred miles I could have managed to get out to see them occasionally but a thousand miles might as well be the moon.  Not enough money or time to get there.  It really saddens me not to be able to see my son or grandbabies ever again.

   My sore legs are better and the bruises are fading.  Unfortunately the weight I put on during the ride remains.  I just can't believe I gained.  The gods must be crazy.  I rode and walked 90 miles.  I should have lost at least one lousy pound!  What is it going to take to get rid of this weight.  All I can say is those power bars must have alot of calories.  I had the ones that were only 80 though.    My body must love the weight I am at and seems to be doing everything it can to maintain it.

    I have the last couple days catching up on journals and finding some interesting new ones.  Cleaning house and pruning my flowers.   The petunias still look lovely but are on the downside.  That is what I love about petunia's though.  You get blooms the entire spring, summer and into fall if you get the dead blooms picked off.


 Isn't this the cutest building.  It is a old water house.  If I had tons of money I would buy it and turn it into a cute little house.  It has a good start already.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Small town hospitals are so cool

Ha Just kidding.  We are back, alive, sore and well.  Read all about it, well almost all about it.  Seems I finally found out how much you had to type to max out your limit.  I will have to do it in 2 installments.  So check out the ride.

   Here is the 2nd part of the ride.  Darn AOL kept crashing and it took me 3 tries.

   Oh and the really really weird and bad thing.  Would you believe I am up a pound after all that!  Darn these heavy muscles.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Its 5 am, do you know where your grandparents are!

   I am sipping on my coffee and trying to wake up.  It is alittle after 5.  Looking with some dismay and the weather prediction for Omaha, 30 mile wind gusts.  Heat I can take but the wind is a killer.  I hope it is on our back.  Just wanted to pop in again and say bye everyone.  See you in a few days.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

All packed and Ready to go


  I am waiting for my sleeping pill to work as I want to sleep early and deep.  We are packed and ready.   I feel sorry for my hubby as the panniers weigh 8.5 each which adds 17 pounds for him to haul not to mention all the water and drinks we will be carrying with us.  I will have to keep my eye on him. 

   Tomorrow we are going to try a energy drink we heard about on the radio.  5 Hour Energy.  It has gotten great reviews except for the taste.  Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Chaser 5-Hour Energy Drink at The only concern I have is if it gets my husbands heart fibulating.  It shouldn't though.  They say it really works like they say with no crash.  At our ages we need a little help, LOL.  Better living through pharmaceuticals!

  We were going to leave at 6 sharp, but our son wants us to wait until he gets here.  It should be around 6.  My MIL thinks we are nuts and is sure we are going to die, but she always was one to say,  you can't do that!  Drove my hubby crazy.  I just tell her, sure we can.  I hope.....

   See you all Saturday or Sunday.  Hopefully not tomorrow night, lol.  My husband says we might start out and turn around.  Not after all the work I went through packing my pannier!                       

Almost Ready

   My panniers came today and it is amazing how much you can stuff in them.  Since my husband is having them on his bike I won't worry so much about the weight, grin, and am stuffing away. 

   They are water resistant which might be good since we hear there is a small chance of rain.  I sure hope not as they don't want you on the trails when it is raining as it leaves ruts in the gravel.  I am bringing 3 t-shirts and a nice shirt for when we eat out plus 2 pairs of shorts, one to sleep in and one to ride in, one pair of capri and one pair of pants.  Extra underpants and stuff also of course.  Since we are not sure if we will be gone 2 or 3 days I am bringing stuff for 3 days.

   My fanny pack carried 2 water bottles and I can have one on my bike holder and then one from the handlebars.  On my back rack I will have the ice holder and my tripod and my camera hangs from my handlebars.  I will get a picture of bikes loaded.  I have our medications, and medical information printed out in case we have a mishap.  Better extra prepared and not needing it then not prepared and do.  Unfortunately it is supposed to be 93 tomorrow.  Hot.  I would have prefered mid 80's but oh well.  I have riden in the heat before.  Makes me somewhat cranky but should burn off tons of calories.

   Breakfast for me tomorrow will just be slim fast.  I have power bars and trail mix for the ride but hate to ride stuffed.  Since I am feeling extra thick around my buddha tummy today I am going to watch it.  So thats it, am I forgetting anything?  Today I have to mail a package and get some money.  We plan to be up at 5 and on the road by 6 am.  I am taking a sleeping pill at 8:30 and calling it a early night.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Gee another post

  As you can see I bought out the store for the trip.  I have trail mix.  A new fanny pack with 2 water bottles.  It holds alot surprisenly.  Pit cream, first aide kit, power bars, 5 hour energy bars, rain poncho's, sunglasses, Ponds facial cream, toothpaste, notebook for keeping notes on the trip so I can write about it later. Camera.  You name it.  I didn't get my panniers today so I hope they come tomorrow.Now to get my meds ready, clothes ready, and body ready.  I am ready.  My boss called today to wish me luck and tell me to be careful.  She just heard about it.  Now if I can get my hair trimmed before the trip it will be cool.  Must look good for pictures.




 I have been getting ready for the trip and just thinking about how strange it is.  If anyone had told me last year that I would be doing this, and that I was the one who suggested it, I would have told them they were nuts and would have run and hid.  I always liked hiking but have never been a really physical person.  I perfer the comfort of a well air conditioned car and although I love to camp haven't done it for a few years.

   Here I am a 51 one year old overweight gramma planning a bicycle trip over 126 miles total.   Granted the ride is listed as easy in most parts but still......Me! 

   Some of my co-workers are worried about me.  My son is more then a little concerned.  Surprisenly I am not worried at all.   I am on vacation, I don't have to do it fast, I can take my time, rest as I need to.  Take lots of pictures and after all, I am a highly trained nurse who can handle any emergency that might befall us.   I have a cell phone, the longest distance between towns is only 13.6 miles which I could ride in 30 minutes if I had to.  I am even playing with the idea of bringing our tent and camping out.  Hubby isn't to thrilled with that though.  What an adventure this will be for me.  Maybe even to tame. 

  Of course some people will think this is nothing, but you have to know where I was at physically last year to appreciate what this means and what I have done to get this far.  From 30 minutes at Curves 3 times a week to this.  From living with severe pain and high blood pressure to being for the most part pain free and I have a very good, even low blood pressure these days.  Most days the top number is under 100!  My pulse which used to run about 120 is now in the 70's to 80's.  I am not the fat old gramma I was last year.  I am a new fit fat old gramma this year.  Yippy!

   Anyway this is what I have been thinking about today as we get things ready.  We are going to do a practice load on the bikes to see how everything fits.  We don't want them so packed with stuff that they weight 50 pounds more.  The weather is suppose to be in the 90's, darn, so we have to make sure we have plenty of water which will be the heaviest thing.  Some changes of clothes as I sweat like a faucet when it is hot out and I don't have bike clothes.  I am just feeling so good about this.

By this time Thursday

      We will be on the trail on our biking vacation.  So many things to get ready.  I ordered some panniers from ebay, saddlebags, and am doing laundry and watching the weather.  Please let the weather behave itself.  Not too hot and not rainy as they really don't want you on the trails if it rains.  We are getting our supplies ready, first aide kit, extra tire tubes, sunscreen, heart meds for Rick, asthma meds for me,  power trail mix and drinks, camera batteries charged, clothes and rain gear.  Hat for me.  I am going to weigh in the morning that we leave and when we get back.  I hope to lose 5 pounds,but probably won't.  We don't know for sure how long we will be gone.  How long will it take us to ride 126 miles?  Since we haven't done that long a trip I have no idea. 


   My son took some time off to watch the dog.  However for the past 4 days he has suffered with a mysterious rash and hives all over his body that itches like crazy.  He went to the doctor yesterday and weirdly the doctor says it is going around!  Who would have thought.  I had better not come down with it on my trip.  The gave it the most powerful anti-hystimine known to man and if it isn't better by today he is suppose to go back.  The darn med cost him 38 dollars and so far hasn't worked.  Anyway he has missed work so don't know now if he will be able to watch the dog.  That will be the only problem.  If I have to board the dog I have to get to the vets and get her kennel cough.  Well, I just woke him up to see how he is doing and the rash is gone, thank goodness. 

    My weight is up a pound today.  I know exactly why, pizza and beer last night.  My monday night tradition is something I am going to have to knock off.  Love my date nights with my hubby though.

   Below is a barn I took a picture of the other day.  Don't old barns look neat done in septa!

     And this is just a butterfly picture I like that I took.



Monday, August 21, 2006

My Past Year In J-Land

               July 11 2006,  my first entry

   What a year it has been.   I started out a year ago keeping a journal to record my weight loss efforts.  I was going to get lap band surgery and had to be on a doctor supervised diet for 6 months.  I also had planned on being 100 pounds lighter by now.  Well it didn't happen.  I decided against the surgery and I haven't lost no 100 pounds!   I have not failed though in my quest to get healthy.  I am so much healthier and I am half way to my goal, more actually.  And in J-land I found people who supported me and didn't make me feel bad for not making it yet. 

   My journal has strayed from it's original intention.  Its not just about my weight loss efforts.  It's about my boring old life.  It's about the things I see and how it affects me.  Its about reading others people journal across the country and across the world and finding so many really nice wonderful people.  Its like traveling without leaving my home.  Traveling to meet friends.  Sharing idea's, hopes and fears.

   Now I have been journaling over a year.  I have more then one journal even.My Photo Journey, My Flower Garden, and Bike Ride Around Sioux CityI have rarely missed a day putting something in one of the journal at least.  And if I am not posting I am reading.  Not good for the exercise part of my weight loss program since I have spent hours sitting here on my butt reading journals, but so interesting.

   So Happy Birthday J-land.  I am glad I am here.  Also heres to Krissy and John.  My prayers and best wishes to you both.



                         Its birthday time in J-land

                         everybody gather near.

                          as we all get together

                       to celebrate the 3rd year


                 From coast to coast and overseas

                     People writing every day

                Of pets, children, and other things,

                     what ever comes their way.


                    Peoples lifes touching lifes

                    making the world so small

                     with friends around the world

                         Joining us one and all.


                       So Happy birthday J-land

                 Its been great to watch you grow

                   We all appreciate being here

         with the people and friends we got to know.



Sunday, August 20, 2006


                         I copied this from Beauty in Art

I'm not sure if all of you remember the Trick or Treat through J-Land or Christmas Caroling through J-Land but the newest trip is going to be a "birthday bash" through J-Land to coincide with the J-Land memories entries that Krissy came up with.

Starting tomorrow, decorate your journals and post your entries for the 3 year birthday celebration.  Your J-Land memories can also be a part of this entry.  Be creative.  You can title it any way you would like.  LOL...I'm sure we will all be able to tell if it's a birthday entry.  Make your journey through J-Land through out the day and evening tomorrow. As you find a journal that is decorated for the celebration, wish J-Land a Happy Birthday and leave your link to your journal.  Visit as many journals as you possibly can. 

These trips have always been a huge success.  It's a wonderful way to meet new friends and continue the awesome community tradition of J-Land.

If you want, copy and paste this entry into your journal to spread the news as this is a last minute brainstorm.....HUGS TO ALL 


    Next please drop by Sometimes I Think and send some prayers and best wishes for Krissy and John.  John is in the hospital again and the more prayers the better.  Also they want everyone to do the My Past Year in J-Land


   Last is my NSV.  I am getting ready for my 120 total miles bike trip on Thursday.  I dug my old fanny pack out of the closet to bring and tried it on.  This was set for before I started my weight loss.  Well I tell you I could probably step into it and pull it up it was so big.  What a graphic reminder of how far I have come.  Being the calm quiet person that I am,I came leaping out of the bedroom yelling for everyone to come see, LOL.   I almost don't want to tighten the straps so I can remember who big it was.  Maybe I will mark where the strap is and the date and then tighten it.  Next year at this time I will try it on again and hopefully be excited all over again.

   We are getting everything ready for our bike trip.  Thursday is the day.  My son took some days off work so he could watch the dog, we have extra bike tubes, a very nice man in Nebraska has given me his phone numbers in case we have any emergencies we can call him.  This is a complete stranger mind you.  Someone who takes care of the trail and gives informaton.  Nice people.

  We have read that it will be hilly in areas and there are some hazards to watch out for.  I have also read it is very pretty.  If this is a big success we may do it in the fall also when the leaves have turned.  My goal is to burn a million calories and not to replace them.  Tuesday we are planning a 25 mile ride and wednesday also to get ready.  Then thursday morning really early we are - Find the best Trails  As usual I will do a bike ride entry with pictures in my other journal.  My son is kind of worried for us.  I think that is sweet. 

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whats the point


  I am in a slightly panic snit today.  Just listening to the news gets me so depressed and frankly scared to death.  The way things are going and the terrorists plots being foiled in the nick of time.  It is just a matter of time before one gets through.  Not enough is being done.  Sometimes I get really down and wonder whats the point trying to lose weight,  whats the point of my bike ride, whats the point of taking pictures.  I should be stockpiling food and water.  I should be learning how to shoot a gun,  I should be buying a gun.  People who would blow up their own children are so very scary.  They don't care about life.  I worry myself sick about my beautiful grandchildren.   And I usualy don't let this stuff get to me.  I normally have a cup half full.  Things will work out.

   I don't have TV.  My news comes from the radio and on-line.  I think I am much better informed then the woman I work with.  They don't watch the news, if it is unpleasent, they turn the channel.  Don't watch it they say!  Don't watch it?  Hide my head in the sand...... no that isn't the answer.   Finding a way to live with the fear and keep doing all the things you do even if it seems stupid, that is what I really need to do.    I think things won't work out because it seems most people are not taking this whole situation serious enough.

   Anyway that is my mood today.  This is how I woke up.  I am now off to do my meditation and see if I can get to a productive state as I have lots to do today before work.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Forgot to Diet!

   I am so bad at this organized diet thing.  I was so busy this weekend and not home much.  Did not watch my points at all and now I am back up on the scale.  I also haven't been able to ride as much as I like although I did get some hiking and walking in.  Starting back at square one today.  Sigh.

   I opened my booth at the antique mall today in town.  It is called Old Town Antiques and it gets alot of traffic.  People were already looking at my pottery before I left.  I hope they do more then just look.  I need to bring more things down tomorrow.  I really like the people that run the place so that helps also.  Of course I couldn't just walk out without buying something.  They had a teapot I have been looking for quite awhile.  It is so pretty and quite old.  Hall made it so the quality is good.

   I made this salsa the other day and it is getting a 2 thumbs up from my husband and son.  I think it could be hotter but my husband says not to touch it.  I may just sneak in a little more jalepeno pepper.


Cherry Tomato Salsa

2 pints cherry tomatoes

1 large shallot, minced

1 large garlic clove, minced

2 tablespoons minced fresh coriander

1 tablespoon white wine vinegar

2 serrano chiles, seeded and minced

2 teaspoons fresh lime juice

1/4 teaspoon salt

In a food processor, coarsely chop the tomatoes, turning the machine on and off. Do not puree.

In a medium bowl, combine the chopped tomatoes and their juices with the shallot, garlic, coriander, vinegar, chiles, lime juice and salt. Stir well.

Cover with plastic wrap and set aside for at least 2 hours to blend the flavours.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Day

    Ok, we had so much fun yesterday.  Ended up we didn't ride much as we did so much hiking.  You can't rike in the Loess Hills.  Too hilly.   You can hike.  And we did.  Ridge after ridge, after ridge.   It was so pretty.  No ticks either.   Lots of  skeeters, lots of flys.  I must have walked 15 miles and said more then once,  boy am I glad I quit smoking and lost some weight.   I am soooooooo happy I have quit smoking and lost weight so I enjoyed the hiking.  

   We went to Council Bluffs to check out the bike trail.   I am so excited about it.  We have talked to quite a few people about the ride and know it will be fun with lots of picture ops.  I plan on it taking 3 days or more so we can take our time and get lots of pictures.   It will be so much fun and it will be a entry in my bike ride journal. 

 Wabash Trace Northern Map: Council Bluffs to Malvern

               Wabash Trace Southern Map: Council Bluffs to Malvern

 Every day you exercise and do more then you thought you could, its a good day.  Challenge yourself everyday.  Do something everyday you couldn't do the week or month before.  I can do this, I am woman, I am a 51 year old woman who refuses to get old and fat and inactive.  If I can do it, you all can also.


    Greg did a nice entry on his blog site about my photo journal.  Check it out.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Today is our ride


   Today is our ride through the Loess Hills.   I was invisioning a lovely ride on the foothills, gentle sloping ride on a cool day with lots of photo ops.  My DH it seems has different plans.  He is invisioning a hilly ride with up steep hills to view overlooks and getting into the enterior of the hills.  Hummmm, this may not be much fun after all.  I can imagine walking up lots of hills and being hot, sweaty and cranky in no time at all.  We shall see who wins.  Anyway it is early and I am up and drinking coffee and thinking about what to wear.  I want to get going shortly.  I will let you know later how it goes.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

So Excited


   Ok, I am so excited.  To start out with our ride tomorrow is in the Loess hills,  so beautiful and I hope to get some great pictures.  The best though is the ride we have planned on my vacation next week.   I  took some days off next week and we have decided to ride this trail.Wabash Trace Nature Trail  It is an old railroad tract that has been converted to bike trail.  60 some miles.   I am so excited.  We start in Council Bluffs and ride to the Missouri border and then back.  I hear it is lovely.  We have to carry everything we will need for 3 days on our bikes so some planning is needed.  It is going to be so much fun.   So  I need everyones advice on what to bring and carry on my bike.  I need clothes,  toothbrush, etc... money,  medication, cell phone, camera, tripod, water. ..... Man I am so excited about this.  Happy happy, joy joy.


   Another thing we were wondering.  Rick and I.  Our kids said the darnest things, didn't yours?  What were they.  I'll start......


    Luke my oldest had the best sayings.  Here is the first.  Is it green out?  He could not go out to play until it was light out.  Once I got up at 5 am and Luke was no where to be seen.  He was out playing on his new hot wheels.  I told him he couldn't leave the house until he asked us and it had to be light out.  To Luke that mean't green.  It was a really green summer.   Is it green out?    The next thing he used to say was tow taxi.   He though tow trucks were called tow taxi's and everytime he saw one it said,  look a tow taxi.  

   Dan had one funny story though there were many funny moments.   The year they were poisoning all the kids candy on Holloween I took them to the Boys Club for the big day.  Both the boys ran into  the Haunted house while I talked to a police officer I knew  from work.   Dan always used big words for a 6 year old.  He burst out of the haunted house and yelled at the top of his lungs....."Mom, I just got hit in the face with a wet testicle"!  My cop friend bent over double laughing and  I turned 10 shades of reds.   Dan continued to run across this huge auditorium happily yelling about the the wet testicle that had attacked him.   Hysterical mothers were yanking their children right and left out of the haunted house line.   When Dan finally got close to me I hurriedly told him....Dan.....Testicles are your balls,  did you mean tenticles?....... Dan being a bright child immediately realized what he had said and turned quite red.  Yes he meekly answered.  My cop friend never ever forgot that and always remembered to say they were still on the lookout for the mad testicle slapper.

   Another Dan moment...... Dan was so attached to his pillow.  He used to be a thumb sucker and alway had his feather pillow and his thumb in his mouth.   One time I needed to wash that pillow.   I washed it and hung it on the line.   Later on I looked for Dan,  not in the house.....I looked outside and there he stood...under the clothes-line with his tiny fist holding onto his pillow and his thumb in his mouth.   I so wish I had a camera back then.....

   OK,  that is my children.....what did yours do?