Monday, October 30, 2006

Bad but not unexpected news.


  Hope old father death isn't waiting for me!   Anyway the doctor says my incision will likely open up the way it looks and it is infected, no surprise.   So I am on antibiotics.  The bad thing is he won't let me go to work. 

    Now in a way the is a relief but in another way a big problem because I am not getting paid and I need the money.  I am one of those paycheck to paycheck people.   With Rick not working things get so tight when I am off.  Time to hit the bank and move some money around.  I can hit my son up which helps.

    My tummy is pretty darn sore today so it nice knowing I have at least another 10 days to recover.  Oh, he also said no to the gym for now.  So I sit here getting fatter and fatter, no one to blame but me.  I can do some walking though and it is suppose to be very nice, but very windy, today.

    I sent out all my alerts today.  I had no idea  I was suppose to let people know and their alerts wouldn't work anymore.  No computer geek here for sure.

    Check out my barn picture I fixed.  I really like this one.


     Well, I guess I will finish my running around.  On the antibiotics I lucked out.  Dan was started on this one and had a allergic reaction to them,  I have just enough of his to get by.  They don't expire for months so are still good.  I knew there was a reason I didn't get rid of them.


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