Monday, October 30, 2006

Doctors today


   I see the doctor today and expect to get my butt chewed.  I am definately feeling under the weather today and the redness has spread down half my stomach.  I really thought I could wait until my appointment today.  Hopefully just getting these staples out will be good enough, but I have a feeling I will need some antibiotics.  Just what I need. 

   I start back to work tomorrow and hate going with something not healed right.  So good a chance of picking something up.  I wash my hands religiously but visitors are always going in and out of the isolations rooms without washing or using the gell and then going to the cafeteria, bathrooms, lobbies, all over the place.   It just shocks me when I see visitors bringing babies and small children and letting them crawl all over the floor.  We do what we can but the spread of germs is constant at a hospital and some of the germs you do not want to get.

   I got a new picture of my granddaughter's kindergarden picture.  She looks so pretty.  The picture makes her hair look auburn and my son says it has darked up quite a bit.  Its the same color as my sons was.


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