Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well so far my diet is going just swell........NOT


       Yup, jumped on the scale to see what a day of being totally back on plan did for me...... it did a 3 POUND WEIGHT GAIN!   WHATS UP WITH THAT.

    Of course I wasn't expecting a huge loss after one day, maybe just to maintain but this gain is unbelievable.   Of course I have been having trouble with retaining fluid again but this much!  Probably every I ate yesterday is still sitting there not digesting.

     Now in the really old days I would have used this as a really good excuse to dump the old diet in the garbage and resign myself to my fate as life as the fat lady.  Now being I am much more mature and diet wise I know not to let this get to me besides a brief shock or horror reading the numbers on the scale and am ready again today to do battle with my weight loss demons.


          Shoot them demons pardner, this is a battle for my life!

     Ok got the depressing and discouraging out of the way.  Onward.   Today is my husbands birthday.  It will hopefully be a fun day for him and a diet challenge for me.   We are going to wander around old town and hopefully I can get some Christmas shopping done.  Also want to pick up some beers we can't get here.  We are getting quite the beer cellar  We are also going to go the Cresent Moon again where they have over 400 beers on tap and serve the original Rueben sandwich which was made across the street at the old fancy Hotel.  It was world famous in its day. 

    Now I do realize that beer is incredibly fattening and ruebens are right up there in calories.  Here is a dieters dilema.  Do you throw your diet out the window for the rare special days and just enjoy it for the days sake.  Or do you stay on plan because if you add up all the special days it makes about a month total all year. 

    Now someone who has never struggled with their weight really can't understand these problems.  I have a couple of friends.... we all them......... who can eat anything they want whenever they want.  Their weight may vary a pound or 2  but basically stays the same.  These are the same people who in stressful times will drop 10 pounds practically overnight where I would gain.  Is it fair?  Not really but everyones body is different. 

    My body processes foods very slowly.  I guess I just want to savor them, LOL, and I keep it with me long enough for the food to distribute itself firmly in my fat cells.  They move in like an unwelcome uncle determined to mooch off you as long as possible.  The trick is to make their visit so unpleasent they want to move out.  That is what exercise and all the water is suppose to do.  Shake them up and drown them out.

   Well enough of the diet.   I want to show you something cool that Donna from This That and Hockey made for me.  I asked her is she could animate a picture of mine for me.   As usual she did a great job, she is a master at getting water to move realistically.  She had to remove the dock but you don't miss it.  What do you think.  Go to her site and tell her how clever she is.


  Here is the original picture

   So thats it for today.  I am going to get ready to go.   Hopefully I can get by on tylenol today.  I can't wait until Monday when I see the doctor.  I just want him to say it is normal to still be having this much pain and I want these darn staples out!

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