Saturday, April 28, 2007

2 more days left


   I worked on the ortho floor last night, I sure feel more comfortable with a nice old heart patient or 2 but their nurses feel the same way when they come to my floor.  It was pretty busy and went fast.  You give lots of pain meds on that floor.

    I woke up yesterday and Rick called about 5:30.  He is staying over at his moms while I sleep.  They brought a hospital bed and oxygen for my MIL.  Apparently she is having some trouble breathing now.  Her niece Judy is staying with her right now and when my MIL came down stairs she said, I am having trouble breathing!  Why her niece asked?  Because I'm dying my MIL says.  Now screeched Judy!  Scared her to death.  I told Betty to stop scaring her.

   So things are moving rapidly along.  Her blood pressure is good, but her heart is now acting up.  Still not eating.  Now me, well my IBS is going to town and I feel like I am getting an ulcer.  The good news is I have lost 5 pounds just like that.  It I can keep this up for a few months I might finally hit goal ,LOL.  Always look for the silver lining.  I do need to get some more immodium though.

   Well, my eyes are drooping bad.  Time to sleep so I can do it all over again.  Take care you all.  Thanks for all the comments and support..

Thursday, April 26, 2007


      It has rained for 3 days and is getting very old.  Sunshine please.  I start back to work tonight so I suppose this weekend will be lovely.

      We have been pretty busy with my MIL this week.  She fell the other day and it turns out her BP was pretty low.  We are still having blood pressure problems.  She has gotten very weak.   

   Yesterday the funeral people came over and she planned and paid for her funeral.  Today we are going to the bank.  The bereavement lady gave us the best advice we have gotten so far.  She should be our lawyer LOL

   Today Rick is taking control of my MIL's bank accounts.  They are cashing in her annuity also.  It will cost them 1% but if it goes to probate it will cost them 6% to the lawyer.  This lady said the lawyer wants you to leave all the money as is because he gets 6% of the estate.  We knew he got paid, but not that much. That is why he was so obscure about answering our questions. 

    We are also having my MIL deed the house to my husband with her retaining right to life occupancy.  As long as she is alive she gets to live there.  I am going to do that with my house also.  Deed it to my son with us retaining that right.  I promised him I will not leave him with a mess like this and I am going to stop saving everything in case I ever lose enough weight to wear it again, LOL.  Then the house doesn't go into probate and we can go about getting rid of everything and take our time.  She has saved everything.  I have clothes her mother wore!  100 years ago! Every card my MIL ever got is storedsomewhere in the house.130 years worth of pictures.  It will be a nightmare.

   We talked to my BIL finally last night.  He has been difficult to get hold of.  Basically we told him how things are being handled and assured him he would get his split, but he was just going to have to trust us.  He does plan on coming up and taking her car.  We told him no, how are we going to get her around.  She can't get into the van easily or our low 2 door.  He will just have to wait. We have to get this stuff done quickly and we can't get him to commit to when he is coming back.  We made sure to tell him his mother wanted him up here soon and that she was not going to be here as long as they said originally.

    She is handling all this pretty well.  She feels bad it is so messed up and didn't realize the problems doing a will that way would create.  Since she was a spouse when my FIL died it wasn't a problem.  Everything went to her.  She doesn't want the lawyer to get such a big share and doesn't want us to have to pay anything out of pocket.  I will just be so glad when all this is finished so we can just enjoy our last days with her without messing around with all these issues. 

   Stress is taking its toll.  My IBS is totally out of control and Ricks blood pressure is through the roof even with meds.  Gee, I handled this much better 6 years ago when my FIL was ill.  Then though all I had to worry about was keeping him comfortable.  I want to get to that stage with my MIL soon.  It is almost a blessing to go to work and leave it behind for awhile, but then I worry about her and I worry about a million other things that come with running two houses.  I never used to worry.  I have been meditating which helps.  Taking a sleeping pill so I sleep well at night which helps me go go go during the day.  The days are flying by.  A new month is almost on us.

   So my entried are going to slow down.  I miss my carefree days of picture taking and bike rides but I will get them back.  This is more important now.  I have been reading journals on the run and haven't always had time to comment but take care all.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hi everyone


STATES MAP - Short But Good!

A father wanted to read a magazine, but was being bothered
by his little girl, Shelby. She wanted to know what the United States looked like.

Finally, he tore a sheet out of his new magazine on which was
printed a map of the country. Tearing it into small pieces, he
gave it to Shelby and said, "Go into the other room and see if
you can put this together. This will show you our whole country today."

After a few minutes, Shelby returned and handed him the map,
correctly fitted and taped together. The father was surprised and asked how she had finished so quickly. "Oh ," she said, "on the other side of the paper is a picture of Jesus. When I got all of Jesus back where He belonged, then our country just came together."

        I thought that was cute so decided to share.  It is raining cats and dogs outside right now. 

 Yesterday was so beautiful.  I was getting the bikes ready for a ride and my MIL called that she had fallen and cut her eye.  I rushed over there and she had a small cut next to her eye.  Checking her blood pressure I noticed that her sitting and standing pressure was very different.  When she stood her pressure went way down.  No wonder she gets black spots in front of her eyes when she stands.  So called the doc and had her blood pressure meds changed.  I also got her walker out and told her to start using it.  No buts.  We shall see.

   I haven't been around much because we have been over there but I will get to everyones journals eventually.  I have been trying to research the flow blue I got.  I didn't realize it was going to be this difficult so I will be going to the library soon to try and find pattern names.  I should stick with pottery.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Auction hauls

  It was a long auction so I didn't stay for the entire thing but I did pick up some nice items.

   Nice old Van Briggle Vase.



   Wonderful old Caliente Pottery vase.

   Nice piece of art pottery I haven't ID'ed yet.

   What wonderful flow blue and staffordshire plates.

  Cute little toothpick I have to find out the pattern too.  I got more items, but haven't got them all sorted and pictures yet.  I love a good auction.

    My MIL was having a good day so I didn't even feel bad being away.  Bad storms though all over and driving home was a challenge.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Relaxing evening


       Knowing I needed, no we needed, to relax we went out to eat and then sat outside in the wonderful warm spring day and drank a glass of wine.  I could smell the pear tree.  The deer, birds and squirrels came over to eat.  It was lovely.  Filling the sky's were dozens of dragonflies.  I will have some great subjects for photo shoots this year.  All of a sudden, mosquitoes by the dozen also filled the air and like hungry little vampires attacked us without mercy.  We ran to the house.  So much for our lovely night outside.  But it was lovely and relaxing and we needed it badly.  Wouldn't it be lovely if the bugs followed spring by at least a month.  Oh, one of the deer is obviously nursing.  Soon I will have new babies to take pictures of.  Soon I hope to plant flowers unless I am at my MIL's

    Tomorrow I am going to an auction.  I hope to get some lovely items at some lovely prices.  Wish me well.  Have a great weekend all.       

Another rant and rave


   I thought the cute little Mickey would offset the angry words just a little.

   Went to my MIL's today and we decided to call my BIL to talk about when he is coming back and how we are going to handle affairs when my MIL passes away.  We found out she can give each of us something like $12,000  without it being taxable.  That will be put into an account to pay expenses until the house sells, then whats left divided.  Then we won't have to mess with the lawyer again.  We wanted to discuss with my BIL who has been strangely absent lately. 

    He was home but his roommate said he was in bed.  My MIL said we needed to talk to him and to please wake him up.   So my BIL said he would call back.  What!   Refuse to take a call from his dying mother after everything she has done for him! 

   So we wait thinking maybe he wanted to go the restroom, brush his teeth, get some coffee before he called.  Why he was in bed at 11:30 we don't know.  He never called back.  I just can not believe this. What is his problem?  My husband says now that he can't get anything out of her anymore he has no use for her.  I sure hope thats not true because that makes my opinion of him even lower.  I also worry he may have fallen off the wagon again.  Drinking or drugs.  She could always tell as could we and that may be why we can't get ahold of him.  Why does he have to make this difficult right now.  As if it isn't difficult enough already.  My poor MIL was so hurt.  Angry and hurt.  Would any of you refuse a call from your dying mother.  What kind of person does that?

Friday, April 20, 2007

As Promised, mommy Robin

    You can see in the 2nd picture the nest she made last year.  This wreath had dried corn and grass in it.  The deer ate all the corn and the birds stold most of the grass.  I was going to take it down but now it will stay until the babies are gone.   I have a sign up telling people to use the back door.  The last picture is my long awaited pear tree blooms.  Spring is finally here in Iowa.


Friday picture day

     Today I have to go to work and get my name badge picture retaken.  I haven't had it done for around 10 years.   The picture on it now shows me with curly permed hair and younger and fatter.  Although the younger part looks good I think an updated picture is in order.

     We went to the lawyer yesterday.  So upsetting.  If you have been reading for awhile you know I am sole support.  My husband isn't working.  So financial worries fall to me.  The way my MIL has the will done everything will be divided evenly between my husband and BIL.  Sounded simple and straightforward.  What we found out though is as soon as she passes away we won't be able to touch her funds or life insurance until the estate is settled.  It won't be settled until the house and car and all belongings are sold and equally divided.  That means if the funeral expenses go over her small life insurance policy I will have to come up with the money.  If the house doesn't sell for 2 years I will have to pay the utility bills and taxes and insurance.  If I can't pay it would probably be sold for back taxes.  That is how my father got all his property, bought other peoples houses that they lost for back taxes.

    I am freaking out.  We had no idea.  My MIL did not mean to leave me in this position, she didn't understand, nor did we, what this would mean.  So we have to figure out a way to do this where I won't get stuck. 

    Yikes.  Another worry,  I needed was getting to calm.  The lawyer wasn't much help actually either.  He did say the way it was worded if my BIL decided to move into the house and slow down the sell of the house by keeping it dirty and not fixed up there was nothing I could do about it.  Of course my MIL doesn't think her baby boy would do something like that but I do.  Calgon take me away.

    Now I don't know about the rest of the country, but big old 100 year old houses aren't selling rapidly in this town.  The young folks all want those big blocky houses and the older folks don't want a big old house to take care of.

    J-land.   Any suggestions.  Help, help, help.  Do I run now and not look back.  Leave them to this mess and start over.  AAARRRGGGGHHHH.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

And I'm off!

  The first day of my long stretch off....always a occasion for celebration, LOL.  Came home and checked on the baby eagles.  Already they are bigger and more active.  Mom, or Dad, I can't tell the adults apart, was feeding them fish.  For the first time the wind has died down, looks like a beautiful day there.

   Work was very busy.  I seem to be having trouble controlling my temper lately.   Believe I am not much of one to have a temper.  The smallest things are driving me nuts.  Lights not getting answered fast enough, I always have hated that, but now it is really making me angry.  The.. it's not my patient attitude, is making me grit my teeth.  Since I worked on oncology for years I realize I am projecting my anger about my MIL on of all people the nurses.  I have had that anger projected at me in the past.  I realize I am doing it, but seem powerless at this point to stop.  At least I am not breaking out in tears which would be much worse, LOL.  Everyone is tiptoing around me.  Julie the Bear.  Fortunately my patients only see the professional me.  But watch out co-workers.

    Today we are going to my MIL lawyer as it turns out she doesn't quite have all her affairs in order.  Then I am going to fix her something to eat and I hope to take a bike ride this afternoon.  It is suppose to be nice.  Sunday if everything is OK I am going to an auction.  They look like they will have some pretty neat things.  I love auctions.

   My diet has been going well.  I have been sticking to around 1300 calories which  combined with how busy we have been at work should help.  For some reason it is easier now.  Maybe because the weather is finally warming up and things are blooming.  Salad time and bike riding.  I have also been getting my water in.

    I talked to my boss about how I plan on handling my MIL illness and missing work.  I will take a leave of absence when the time gets nearer.  I told her if it came to my MIL or my job my MIL would win.  She wishesthe hospital would have a more flexible policy.  The trouble is people would abuse it.  I worked management for 10 years in nursing service.  I know they would.  A few bad eggs have ruined it for us all.

   Well, time to sleep as I have to get up at noon.  Bye all.



Sand and Stone

IN    THE     FACE.






TO   TAKE    A     BATH

THE    ONE     WHO    HAD    BEEN

HE    W ROTE    ON    A    STONE:

SAVED    MY    LIFE  ".

ASKED    HIM,    "A FTER   I  HURT    YOU,
YOU    WROTE    IN    THE    SAND    AND    NOW,
YOU    WRITE    ON    A     STONE,    WHY?"

CAN    EVER    ERASE    IT."

THE    SAND    AND    TO

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


     I am still in shock about the terrible shooting in Virginia.   How could something so terrible happen.  All the signs were there.  I think part of it the political correctness of everyone.  He has the right to be different, who am I to interfer.... Will I be call a racist.  So may factors.  Fear, knowing this man was over the edge and it sounds like students knew it.  Teachers knew it.  This was a true hate crime.

    I think our lottery dollars, suppose to spent (for the children) , ( for education) should be spend to make sure our students can lock down their schools.  Sad that it has to happen.  Lock my child in school so some nut case can't harm them.  What is the world coming too?  

    I also think they should never give the nut cases name.  They should refer to him as idiot or Mr. Crazy.  Don't let someone want to beat his number and get their 15 minutes of fame.  In their headset if they knew no one would mutter their name would it make a difference?    Maybe.  And stop not telling.  Stop shielding these people.  They all have a pattern.  Lock them up and give them treatment.  We don't lock up the disturbed anymore.  Give them drugs and send them on their merry way.  Trust the insane to take the drugs. Pay the price when they don't.

   You don't have to agree with me. I never did say I was politically correct.  Some of you may have relatives with mental illness.  This type of mental illness goes beyond that.  I have worked with some of these people.  I truly believe the safest thing for all of us is to lock them up for good.  Some of these people, not all.  But the system didn't break it down like that.  Not until they commit a horrible crime.  We need to change that.

   Anyway.  My hearts goes out to the family and community.  I am saddened beyond words.

Get out the tissues

 When an old lady died in  the geriatric ward of a small hospital
near Dundee, Scotland, it was felt  that she had nothing left of any
 Later, when the nurses were going  through her meager
possessions, they found this poem. Its quality and  content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to  every nurse in the hospital.
 One nurse took  her copy to Ireland. The old  lady's sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas edition  of the News Magazine of the North Ireland Association for Mental Health.
 A  slide presentation has also been made based on her simple,
 but eloquent,  poem. ...And this little old Scottish lady, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this "anonymous" poem winging across the Internet.
 Goes to show that we all leave "Some footprints in time".....

                               An  Old Lady's poem
 What do you see, nurses, what do you see
   What are you  thinking when you're looking at me?
 A crabby old woman, not very wise,
 Who dribbles her food and makes  no reply
 When you say in a loud voice, "I do wish you'd try!"
 Who seems  not to notice the things that you do,
       And forever is losing a stocking or  shoe.....
     Who, resisting or not, lets you do as you will,
     With bathing  and feeding, the long day to fill....
 Is that what you're thinking? Is that what you see?
 Then open your eyes, nurse; you're not looking at me.
    I'll tell you who I am as I sit here so still,
       As I do at your bidding, as I eat  at your will.
   I'm a small child of ten ...with a father and mother,
       Brothers and sisters, who love one another.
    A young girl of sixteen,  with wings on her feet,
       Dreaming that soon now a lover she'll meet.

      A bride soon at twenty-my heart gives a leap,
   Remembering the vows that I  promised to keep.
     At twenty-five now, I have young of my own,
   Who need  me to guide and a secure happy home.
   A woman of thirty, my young now grown  fast,
    Bound to each other with ties that should last.
 At forty, my young  sons have grown and are gone,
     But my man's beside me to see I don't mourn.
        At fifty once more, babies play round my knee,
   Again we know children,  my loved one and me.
      Dark days are upon me, my husband is dead;
       I look  at the future, I shudder with dread.
    For my young are all rearing young of  their own,
 And I think of the years and the love that I've known.
      I'm  now an old woman ...and nature is cruel;
       'Tis jest to make old age look like  a fool.
    The body, it crumbles, grace and vigor depart,
     There is now a  stone where I once had a heart.
 But inside this old carcass a young girl still dwells,
     And now and again my battered heart swells.
      I remember the joys, I remember the pain,
        And I'm loving and living life over again.
  I think of the years ....all too few, gone too fast,
 And accept the stark fact  that nothing can last.
         So open your eyes, nurses, open and see,
 ...Not a  crabby old woman; look closer ...see ME!!
.....Remember this poem when  you next meet an old person who
 you might brush aside without looking at the  young soul within.
 ..... We will one day be there, too!
 SHARE THIS  POEM.........

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Tuesday


           Tuesday already.  I have 2 more nights of work and then am off for my stretch.  And I am grateful for that.  We were very busy during the weekend.  I ran and ran, not enough to run some pounds off though.  So 2 more nights and then off.

     Yesterday I had my teeth cleaned and got the great news another tooth is cracked.  Better start saving up for that crown.  Also went and saw my MIL.  Another niece showed up and will stay until tomorrow morning.  I am glad someone is there.

    My husband had taken her grocery shopping early and that wore her out.  When I was there she was just looking exhausted.  She looks out of it mentally.  I feel so bad.  It is terrible to given the diagnoses of cancer and have any hope taken away at the same time.  She seems pretty matter of fact about it, but I am sure mentally she is suffering.  How could she not be.    She says she has had a good life and is looking forward to seeing my FIL again along with her sisters and brother and that is the thing I would be happy about also.  Seeing my mother and family and friends that have died so we can have us a nice visit.  Of course she is worried about having pain and told me she doesn't think she is going to last no 6 months either.  I have to agree.  I have gone from thinking about 6 months to a few weeks at this point.  A few short weeks.

    This has all happened so quickly.  Some things you want to go quickly.  Hurry up and get warmer, hurry up and get to the weekend, but sometimes you want time to slow down and just stop for awhile.

    Good things.  She is so matter of fact about it we can discuss it openly.   We are getting everything prepared now.  The funeral home is coming out at the end of the week as she wants to tell them exactly what she wants, LOL.  Stubborn woman.  We are also going to see her lawyer to make sure everything is in order.  And we are trying to get my BIL to come back.  

   He is in big time denial and thinks the longer he stays away the longer she will make it.  The social worker called him yesterday but I don't know if they got hold of him.  Lets get him here and get it over with.

    I have got to get ahold of myself also.  Using this as an excuse to eat and let my diet go out the window.  As my husband gets thinner and thinner from stress, I get bigger and bigger.  I am a stress eater.  Top it off with no exercise and the results are very depressing. 

    So I slapped myself mentally in the face this morning and told myself to snap out of it.  A binge eater will use any excuse, lol.   Back to the slim fast twice a day with a small supper.  Back to salads.  Back to getting on track.  Hopefully back on my bike as the weather is finally getting warmer.  I took a mile walk yesterday, not much I know,  but I hurt my back at work the other day and it is pretty sore so I was forcing myself.  I meditated this morning and focused on getting on track.  Got my water jug out so I can drink, drink, drink.  I will do this.

   Today I have yet another class.  Pacemakers now and then they are all done until next year.  I have to deliver a dog food sample at work and then go to my MIL's.  Work at 7.  Keep repeated 2 more nights, 2 more nights.

   Onthe eagle cam.  Did you see they are going to band the babies today?  I think its at 3 Eastern time.  I probably won't be here to see it but check it out if you are.  I saw both parents yesterday feeding the babies.  What a beautiful bird.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Pass is on.


Jeanie sent this too me and has it in her journal.  Pass it on and put it in yours if you agree with what this song says.   Thanks Jeanie, it's beautiful.

   Saw on the eagle site they will be banding the babies tomorrow.  Check it out.  I saw both parents feeding them earlier.

Eagle Cam

    When you first go on the site it is totally black, but sit a second and the pictures show. 

This morning it was a rather graphic feeding time

 but still so interesting.  Yesterday it was raining and the tree and nest was swaying all over.  What a ride.

  Work was a bear all weekend.  We were so busy and I ran most of the shift.  The hospital is full all over.

    My MIL is alone again until tonight when another of her

nieces is coming.  Things are not going well. 

She is barely eating at all.  I am going to sleep a few hours

and then make some soups so she has some handy meals. 

Soups seem to go down OK.   I also want to bring some puddings.  I think at this rate we will have to be moving in

much sooner then I had thought and I told my husband yesterday I did not think his mother was going to make it

6 months if she was failing this fast.  I am starting to wonder

 if she will even make 6 weeks.  This is happening way too fast. 

    I can't get FMLA because she isn't a blood relative. 

If I miss too many days they will terminate me.  I hate to risk my job, but I can always get a job.  Nurses can always get a job.

   Well, I have to get some shut eye.  It will be a short sleep

day today and I will probably be asleep by 8 tonight. 

 Take care all.

P.S.  Anyone know why my entries are so stretched out.  What a

pain that is.  How can I fix it?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Check out the Eagle Cam

   It's getting dark there but the mother is there

with the 3 babies, so cute.

This is how they voted


Subject: This is how they voted
Shocking Senatorial Votes
"Never argue with an idiot; they'll drag you down to their level and
beat you with experience." ~ anonymous

The following senators voted against making English the official
language of America :
Akaka (D-HI)
Bayh (D-IN)
Biden (D-DE)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Boxer (D-CA)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Clinton (D-NY)
Dayton (D-MN)
Dodd (D-CT)
Domenici (R-NM)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feingold (D-WI)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Jeff ords (I-VT)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Kohl (D-WI)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (D-CT)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murray (D-WA)
Obama (D-IL)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Sarbanes (D-MD)
Schumer (D-NY)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Wyden (D-OR)

Now, the following are the senators who voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits.

They are grouped by home state. If a state
is not listed, there was no voting representative.

Alaska : Steve ns (R)
Arizona : McCain (R)
Arkansas : Lincoln (D) Pryor (D)
California : Boxer (D) Feinstein (D)
Colorado : Salazar (D)
Connecticut : Dodd (D) Lieberman (D)
Delaware : Biden (D) Carper (D)
Florida : Martinez (R)
Hawaii : Akaka (D) Inouye (D)
Illinois : Durbin (D) Obama (D)
Indiana : Bayh (D) Lugar (R)
Iowa : Harkin (D)
Kansas : Brownback (R)
Louis iana : Landrieu (D)
Maryland : Mikulski (D) Sarbanes (D)
Massachusett: Kennedy (D) Kerry (D)
Montana : Baucus (D)
Nebraska :&&n bsp; Hagel (R)
Nevada : Reid (D)
New Jersey : Lautenberg (D) Menendez (D)
New Mexico : Bingaman (D)
New York : Clinton (D) Schumer (D)
North Dakota : Dorgan (D)
Ohio : DeWine (R) Voinovich(R)
Oregon : Wyden (D)
Pennsylvania : Specter (R)
Rhode Island : Chafee (R) Reed (D)
South Carolina : Graham (R)
South Dakota : Johnson (D)
Vermont : Jeff ords (I) Leahy (D)
Washington : Cantwell (D) Murray (D)
West Virginia : Rockefeller (D), by Not Voting
Wisconsin : Feingold (D) Kohl (D)


   So once again I'll write a letter voicing my disappoval to our Senator

 and will get back my form letter.  The people who were voted

 in turning their backs on the people who voted for them,

 well except I didn't vote for any of them,

 but you know what I mean.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Your states Easter Egg

  This is neat, each states send an Easter Egg to the White house.

Click on link to see your egg.

More funnies

Subject:  Signs to be aware of when traveling
Lost in Translation - Signs to Be Aware of When Traveling

              In a Bangkok temple"

        Cocktail lounge, Norway:

        Doctor's office, Rome"

        Dry cleaners, Bangkok:

        In a Nairobi restaurant:

        On the Athi River highway, the main road to Mombasa, leaving

        On a poster in Kencom:

        In a New York City restaurant:

        A sign seen on an automatic restroom hand dryer:

        In a cemetery:

        Tokyo hotel's rules and regulations:

        On a menu of a Swiss restaurant:

        In a Tokyo bar:

        Hotel, Yugoslavia:

        Hotel, Japan:

        In the lobby of a Moscow hotel across from a Russian Orthodox

        A sign posted in Germany's Black Forest:

        Hotel, Zurich:

        Advertisement for donkey rides, Thailand:

        The box of a clockwork toy made in Hong Kong:

        In a Swiss mountain inn:

        Airline ticket office, Copenhagen:

        A laundry in Rome:
Elderly Prenuptial Agreement

An elderly couple in their 80's were about to get married.

She said: I want to keep my house.
He said: that's fine with me.

She said: And I want to keep my Cadillac.
He said: That's fine with me.

She said: And I want to have sex 6 times a week.
He said: That's fine with me...Put me down for Fridays..

Got this in an email today. Funny



Interesting picture

The "longer" you look at this picture, the "more" you see.


Look at the lines the artist used to draw this picture of Christ..

It is of scenes from Christ's life. I have not seen anything like this



   Work was just awful last night.  Got out late,

my feet are killing me.   So ready for bed. 

2 more nights to go.



Friday, April 13, 2007

Good Morning J-land


  I just got up and slept great.  Work last night was really nice.  Went fast,

had delightful patients and no stresses. 

 So I am sitting here drinking my coffee and feeling good. 

Even had a sale today which makes me happy. 

So far it has been a slow month at the shop.


        Once again Momma Robin is making a nest on the wreath

on my porch.  I though she was using the nest she make

last year, but turns out she is making a brand new one.     

I put a sign up for people to use the back door as she

is sitting right at head level. 

     Last year she pulled most of the dried grass out

and used it as a nest and the deer ate all the indian corn

 it was decorated with.  Now it is just a big bird house.

  I had put a fake cardinal in the nest she made last year, but

 she evicted it and it sits on the ground.   Below it turns

out the Robin I took pictures of the other day is her mate.

  I guess its hard work watching her build that nest. 

That was why he was resting, LOL


     One day down and 3 more to go.   We have some relatives from

Neb. visiting and staying with my MIL which is great. 

I don't have to worry why I am at work. 

She just retired and looks wonderful.  I can't wait for

 the day in the far distant future.

    Well, its off to get ready for the day.  Quick shower to wash away the last of the sleep from my eyes. 

Have a great weekend all.



Thursday, April 12, 2007


The story of two houses.

House #1
    A 20 room mansion ( including 8 bathrooms) heated
by natural gas.  Add on a pool ( and a pool house) and a
separate guest house, all heated by gas.
    In one month this residence consumes more energy than
the average American household does in a year.
  In natural gas alone, this property consumes more than 20
times the national average for an American Home.
   This house in not situated n a Northern or Midwestern
" Snow Belt" area.  It's in the South.

House #2
  Designed by an architectural professor at a leading national
   This house incorporates every "green" feature current home
construction can provide.  The house is 4000 square feet
(4 bedrooms) and is nestled on an arid, high prairie in the
American Southwest.
   A central closet in the house holds geothermal heat-pumps
 drawing ground water through pipes sunk 300 ft into the
ground.  The water (usually 67 degrees F.) heats the house in
the winter and cools it in the summer.
  The system uses no fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas
and it comsumes one-quarter electricity requred for a conventional
   Wastewater from showers, sinks and toilets goes into
underground purifying ranks and then into the cistern. 
The collected water then irrigates the land surrounding the
  Surrounding flowers and shrubs native to the area enable
the proberty to blend into the surrounding rual landscape.

 House # 1 is outside Nashville, Tennessee; it is the abode
of the "environmentalist" Al Gore.

House #2 is on a ranch near Crawfor, Texas; it is the
residence of the President of the United States, George Bush

Just a slight rant

  I had to remove this post to try and fix the size of my journal.  Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments.






    My meditation is

 going to be put to the test in the months to come.  It really does help. 

Also I took a sleeping pill last night and slept like a dream.  Thank goodness. 

 They only gave me 10, I hope they will let me have more if I need them. 

 Of course I have only taken 2 so they will last awhile.  And I am going to

get my hair highlighted here shortly.  I love the way she does it.  Red and gold highlights.

   I was so glad to hear from Sugar in her journal.  She sounds great and the

news was good.  Thanks goodness.

   Wow, had to get that off my chest.  I tell you

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


   It as been a busy day.  The hospice coordinator came at 9 and we filled out the paper work and found out what all the services are they offer.  We are going to have a bath aide come twice a week to help my MIL with her shower as we just found out it has been hard for her.  They will get a shower chair to help her out.  The nurse will come twice a week also.  I hope they both come different days because that will give her something to look forward to 4 days a week. 

   She loves company and always does better with the mental stimulation.  Her nurses name is Julie.  I thought that was great as it was help her remember, but when the nurse left she asked, What was her name again?  I thought she was kidding but she wasn't.  Anyway the whole thing went pretty well. 

    My MIL is doing pretty good, even joking around alittle.  She even ate some soup I heated and some woman dropped off more soup for her.  People are so nice. 

   We have been hearing from different relatives and some of her favorites nieces are coming next week to visit.  They always spoil her rotten and she loves it.  Cook gourmet and bring her See's candy which she loves. 

   Also went to the bank and got some paper work done and the lawyer is coming to go over the will.  Rick needs to be named the executor of the estate and then everything is taken care of.  All that will be left is taking care of her.

   Tomorrow I start my long stretch again.  I am thinking when she gets sicker of hiring a aide to stay at night while I work.  My husband will be there, but he is a very deep sleeper.  I should be able to find someone who is looking for some extra money.

   Hospice also could havesomeone come in to do light housekeeping, but I should be able to handle that on my days off.  They also have a respite care where once every 9 weeks for 5 days she can check into the hospital so we can get a break if we need it.  Wouldn't that be great if they had that for all the care givers out there?  There are alot of people who get no breaks from the daily job of being a care giver and if you think it is an easy job your wrong.  We get these very elderly couple where one is the care giver.  I don't know how the do it when they are elderly and frail themselves.  Love can make you do many things you wouldn't think your capable of.  They all look so tired though.

    So that is where we are now.  The first awful shock has worn off and the numbing acceptance has taken it's place.  Plus worry.  Worry she might suffer.  But I am fairly certain hospice will do all in their power to keep that from happening.

   It snowed all day off and on and not a single flake as remained as it is warmer out.  We shall see what happens over night.  I am definately taking a sleeping pill tonight. I only slept an hour or two last night.  I need to be rested for work tomorrow.

   Night all and once again, thanks for listening and thanks for the support.

Whaaaa, it's Snowing!


   Excuse me, isn't it April?  As in April Showers Bring May Flowers!  Not April Snows!   I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.  At this rate it will warm up right in time for winter or the very very hot humid days of summer.  My poor flowers.

   We are getting ready to go to my MIL to meet with the hospice nurse.   My BIL called last night.  In a way we have it so much easier because we have seen my MIL get weaker and thinner.  We were somewhat prepared.  He hasn't seen her in 5 years.  He remembers her healthy as a horse.   He's making all these promises about moving out here and taking care of her.  Visit, yes he should come, move here?  No.  His son is down where he lives.  It is warm where he lives.  He would hate it here.  We told him to take a few weeks to just let this sink in and not to do anything drastic he would reqret.  We shall see.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, we knew it wasn't good


               Donna always has such beautiful tags.

   Well the doctor was straight forward and honest.  Really nice, but said right out front that they would not be able to cure her pancreatic cancer.  He is 99% certain that is what it is.  They would only be certain if they biopsied it and he thinks that would be really hard on her.  He doesn't recommend chemo or radiation either.  If she was younger and stronger maybe but the treatment would be very hard for her to take at her age.  She says she doesn't want her last months to be spent sick.  She just wants to make sure she is kept as pain free as possible.  So then he told her to get on hospice and start thinking about a nursing home.  We told him we would be moving in when the time came which seemed to surprise him, but it worked with my FIL.  My son stayed here and took care of this house.  He said it could be as long as 6 months, maybe longer but my gut says it won't be that long.  She is down 2 more pounds.

    When we got home hospice called within 1/2 hour which was a shock.  I guess I was expecting that to take some time also.  They are coming out in the morning.  I am hoping we get the nurse that came out to visit my FIL as I used to work with her and we are friends. 

   So now we start the nightmare all over again with another loved one.  Sometimes I feel the best thing I ever did was become a nurse so I could do something to repay the people I love for everything they have done for me and meant to me.

No snow


    They were predicting snow today, so far it is just lightly raining.  Good.  We have 2 more days they say it could snow.  I sure hope they are wrong every day.  I look at my poor plants, withered and brown from freezing.  My poppies look like they won't survive, my rhubarb either.    I have no idea how the lilacs will do.  I sure hope they perk up when it warms up.


     Looking outside this morning, cowbirds, a pair of cardinals, junco's, turkey, squirrel, deer, some black birds and a sparrow or two.  Further back a pair of morning doves.  Just need Thumper and some blue birds to complete the picture.


   Where they have been feeding all my grass is dead.  Rick throws some seed on the ground for the birds who like to eat there and it sure has messed up my lawn.  But you know what?  I like the animals better then the grass anyway.

          Yesterday wespent at my MIL going through her papers.  We were shocked to see she just has a small life insurance policy.  She would never talk about it before, just said there was enough to bury her.  Maybe 30 years ago, but I am not sure now.   She wanted to make sure we knew where everything was kept and who gets what.  I told her it would be nice if she gave the things to the people she loves now instead of waiting.  Then she could tell them why she wanted them to have it and what it means to her.  She thought that was a good idea.  Then she turned around and gave me her diamonds and some other rings.  I didn't mean that!  I meant the nieces and other family members.  So that was kind of awkward.  She remembered my diamond had gone down her drain when I was showering and that I didn't have one now.  So that was sweet.

    Today we see the cancer doctor.  We are dreading it and looking forward to it.  Dreading it because even though we were told it was bad he may tell us exactly how bad.  Looking forward to it to get more answers.  Like where the cancer started in the first place, how sure they are, if there is any treatment or hope and if not what do we do to make sure she is comfortable from day one.  I told Betty if it looks like there is no treatment options we will get hospice started right away.  Betty doesn't really want to do any chemo anyway unless it has a very good chance of cure.  So all these questions.  Will we get answers?  I hope so.  She started having stomach pain about 2 days ago and is nauseated again.

    Everyone stop by Joyce and lend some support.  Her mother is very ill.  Take care and I'll probably write about the doctors visit later.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Out of the mouths of Babes


           Good Morning everyone.  Hope you hall had a relaxing and revitalizing day.  I watched on the news at my MIL and saw the  little children digging though the snow looking for their Easter eggs in Ohio, how cute.  Glad we didn't get any of that white stuff though they are predicting it all week here.  I sure hope they are wrong.

          I decided I was being a terrible DIL by not planning anything for Easter dinner especially since it might be my MIL's last easter dinner.  So we went and bought a ham and I cooked ham, pototoes and green bean casserole plus a mile high apple pie.   So we had a nice dinner and spend the day visiting.

        I talked to my grandchildren and they are so cute.  They have talked to them about my MIL being sick so my grandson who is 2 1/2 had to discuss it with me.  He goes, " Gramma Betty isn't going to die because we are going to save her but her house is dying and we can't see it anymore,"  Well.......Ok Gabey.   My son explained that they had told him since Betty was a good woman and had been saved she would live on heaven and our memories even if we couldn't visit her at her home anymore.  That was how Gabe summed it up.  Have to admit it gave me some chuckles.  Its so simple and concrete to children.

   Work was good the other day.  The patients were sweet and the night went fast.  The money is really good on a holiday which will be nice since I missed a day.  I get double time plus an extra 8 hours of PTO.   That will be nice.

   Today we are going to my MIL.  I am going to clean the house and do some laundry since she has company coming Wednesday.  Then we are going over papers.  The lawyer will be coming over soon and we want everything written in black and white.  My BIL will historically cause a huge amount of trouble when the time comes and want it in stone how things will be handles and who gets what and where. We have decided we will probably move in there when she gets worse.  I will miss my computer.  Last time I moved my computer over there and I might again as I need it for my on line business.  Tomorrow we see the doctor and get the rest of the story.

     Analytical I find it interesting the way your body responds to stress.  I am guessing my week long headache was due to anticipation of the bad news I knew in my gut was coming.  Now I have a cold sore which I always get when I am sick or under stress.   My husband has completely lost his appetite, he's alot like his mother and I am having a terrible time keeping mine under control.   I went shopping and got all kind of low calorie snacking things on hand as I seem to snack when I am under stress.  So low fat yogurt, rice cakes, carrots, etc....   I sure miss my apples and oranges.  I am using the new toothpaste which seems to work great.

     My MIL is still doing all the wonderful things that drive us crazy sometimes and that I written about here.  Some things never change.  Now though we bite our tongue a little tighter.  She told my hubby she had called a friend of hers who also is very sick and in a home dying of cancer.  It is all over and in all her bones.  Betty was kind of upset her friend didn't seem more upset over Betty's news.  My hubby said, well what do you expect for God's sake, she is dying and on a huge amount of morphine for pain.  It isn't always about you Mom. 

   Seems mean, but you have to have lived with this woman for years to understand this.  With my MIL it was always about her.  When my FIL was dying is was all about her and now she is the star of this show.  Sounds mean, I don't mean it to.  Just this is how she is.  Now every sentence is, I can't do this because I am too weak.  It used to be,   I can't do this because I am old, or a poor widow, or cold or hot or tired, or any hundred other excuses.   But she IS weak.  This will be such a tiring time.

     I got a new sleeping pill from the doctor and slept a blessed 9 hours last night.  What a wonder that was.  I feel like a whole new woman.  Gee I should look in the mirror, maybe I am thin and beautiful?

    Well that is all the rambling on I will do.  I wanted to share this. Someone sent it to me yesterday and I thought is was too good to save until next year.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Blessed Easter


“On the third day he rose again.”

Tell us, Mary, what did you see
that early morning
on your way?

“I saw his tomb,
I saw the glory of Christ,
now risen,
angels who gave witness.
I saw the cloths
that covered his head and body.
I heard him speak my name
and turning, saw he was alive
At daybreak
I came weeping to the garden
for the one I lost.
But now, the Sun risen,
it was paradise,
and I, a new Eve,
had news of life for all the living.”


   Blessed Easter to you all .  May we all rejoice in his word.



Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Humor