Friday, October 27, 2006

Remember this poem?

  I remember when they announced on the news that Warren Buffett was giving away his fortune and I made up this bad poem.  Wish I could have remembered it last night, might have recited it for him.


           Would bad poety work


Warren Warren look my way,

send a little of your money so my bills I could pay.


If only 100 thousand your pocket could spare,

all of my money problems would be out of my hair.


Spare change to you, 15 more years to pay for me,

I have some really good reasons for your money you see.


I am a good cause, my debts weren't made lightly,

A home and food for my family entered in here more then slightly.


So Warren, Dear Dear Warren look my way

And send some of that money this way.....OK?

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