Thursday, October 26, 2006

Warren Buffett

  I went out to eat chicken wings today and Gary, our rich friend joined us.   We were talking away and all of a sudden my friend Gary turned white and did a double take as he looked out the door.  Whats wrong Gary  I asked,  that is Warren Buffett who just walked in the door.  The worlds most 2nd richest man in the world.  Wow.  This little old man was the man I had written the best poem I had ever written was in my bar,  my space, sitting right next to me.   So cool.  He looked so normal.   This was the man who I had heard was having so much trouble giving his money away.   The man I had written a really cool poem about when I heard he was giving his money away.   I thought a good man would give it to a nurse who had spend her life caring for others.  of course he gave it to rich people who could make him richers wich in turn made me loose all respect for him but I could dream for awhile.

   I am still feeling good.  Really thinking about getting a staple removal from work and taking out my staples.  They are really bothering me.  Otherwise I am thinking of losing weight.   I am getting in the zone.

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