Monday, October 23, 2006

Of Nice old men and boogy men

   Something I read today triggered this memory.  As a child we had a boogie man in the block.  All the parents warned us a kids to stay away and we did.  This old man would offer you candy if you would take a bath in his house and let him watch.  We all knew about him and avoided him.  Far as I know the only thing ever done about the man was warning from parents, but it worked.  He was old and slow so it was easy.  Back then parents didn't get very detailed in telling us to watch out for strangers.  Mom just said if anyone did something that made me feel weird like it was wrong to hightail it home.  And I did.

    I remember meeting a girl in school.  She was new and shy so I made friends with her.  Once she asked me to her apartment after school.   I didn't know anyone who lived in an apartment so this alone was something new and exciting.  It was up above a store on our main street.  This girl lived with her grandpa.  We were only there a short time when he asked if we wanted to play hide and seek.  I thought it was strange a grownup would want to play with us.  They didn't do that when I was growing up.  Kids played their games, grownups played theirs or just watched us.  I hid in the closet and the next thing I knew grandpa was there also.  "Quiet", he whispered, she'll find us.  As he pressed against me from the back I really had no idea what it was he was pressing against me but all my mom's warnings where screaming in my head.   I burst out of the closet and ran home.   Looking back as I ran down the block I saw the girl watching from the window and I felt so sad for her.  I was too young to even know why but I was.  I never told my mom about this and never played with the girl again.  They moved again after a short time.  Did everyone have these dirty old men living in their neighborhoods and did everyone keep quiet back then?

    Now the good old man.  We were poor kids back then as my mom was raising the 5 of us alone.  I didn't feel poor but we were.   A couple times a year a miracle would happen in our alley behind the house.  We never knew when it would happen.  My mom said it maybe happened when we all had been especially good, but I believe she had alterior motives for saying that, LOL.  Anyway we came home the same way everyday.  Through the alley.  And sometimes spread all the way down the alley where hundreds of pennies.  A fortune, enough for all.  We would scream with delight and stuff our pockets wondering where they had all come from.  Pennies would buy alot of penny candy when I was young.  It wasn't until years later I found out one of the old grandpa's in the neighborhood would save up his pennies in a jar.  When he had a good jar full he would scattered them up the alley and then enjoy watching us have our treasure hunt.  Makes me smile thinking about it.

   No real reason for these stories, just I have been doing so much lying around and remembered them.


madcobug said...

That poor girl's grandpa was probably using her in that way. That was cute about the pennies. Helen

jckfrstross said...

poor girl at least you could run away:) the penny story is great i bet he enjoyed watching you gather the pennies


linnpooh said...

Great stories, Julie, especially the pennies!

Pooh Hugs,

ladeeoftheworld said...

Boogie Man stories pop into our minds at Halloween I think.  A Boogi Man tried to grab me at a park when I was 12.  I ran all the way home and told my parents.  They didn't call the police or anything.  Different times.

mpnaz58 said...

"Penny candy"...haven't heard that term in years!!  There was a little market by my grandmother's house, that used to sell candy, sometimes 2 pieces for a penny!!  My granddmother told us about a man who would pick up bad little kids and put them in his sack that he'd sling over his shoulder.  Needless to say, there was such a man in our neighborhood, and all the kids were afraid of him, so we'd try our best to behave.  We found out many years later, that he was a homeless man who carried all he owned in the sack he slung over his shoulder.  Sure scared us straight at the time!!  Thats pretty scary about the old man and the closet...what could have happened...yikes!!  Thanks for sharing some memories!!
xoxo ~myra

rebuketheworld said...

Julie...yes we all had boogie men...most of us at least...sad for the little girl...looking out the window...knowing you know the secret....I ahd an older cousin violate me....I sat on his lap during a family picnic and probed me with everyone around...molestors are so good at picking the right victim...I was quite shy..although not at all anymore...another time...the only othe time..I wasnt molested but I was babysitting...first time at this house...I was 14...thirty mintues after the parents left...the father returns..I was shocked...thought he left his keys or something...he went into the bedrom and came out in his underwear...literally..I mean literally 1 minute later his wife comes storming in..she looked at me and called me a tramp..a seducer...I left crying...obviously she came to protect me...but didnt want me to know it..she knew where her hubby went so I wasnt the dad went to that house..crazy black man..made some serious threats and got me a full nights pay of babysitting...sad that he didnt call the police....-Raven

evantyson said...

Yeah I had a boogey man too but he turned out to be my next door neighbors 17 year old brother. I hated that boy after I found out what he really was. Eva

springangel235 said...

Our memories turn us  back in time...thanks for sharing one of your spooky stories...many hugs and love,