Monday, October 16, 2006

More to worry about

                         Photograph of Mount Vesuvius, Italy, 1944

   They are saying this earthquake is really cause for concern.  Apparently most quakes they have are the earth shifting type.  The suspect this one in Hawaii was one where a chamber in the volcano might have collapsed.  That is bad because it can then fill with sea water and cause a pyrotechnic (sp) eruption from what I am hearing.  So anyway they are not in the clear.  Hawaii has many earthquakes but it is the type of earthquake they had that is dangerous.  Will it be a precursor to an eruption?  I hope my sister is keeping on top of it.  She tends to downplay everything and doesn't get very nervous about things.  Maybe this time she should.

    I am off work today finally.  It was a long 4 days.  I just want to mention, and if you have read my journal long you know, that on my long stretch at work I don't comment much in others journals and am not as gabby in mine as I tend to be.  I do however read all my alerts and enjoy reading any comments.  Just don't have enough hours in the day to respond to each alert.  Sorry.

   Work was OK last night.  I was blessed with some really neat patients all week.  

     This has been a bad weekend in Iowa.  9 murders during the weekend.  Not all in my town of course but still, we are not used to that and I hope it is not going to be something that ever becomes common. 

    So sad and I just can not understand violence in people.  What causes them to have so little requard for human life.  It is a very sad thing.  Maybe everyone should give up TV, but I am not sure if that is the answer.  I do know to me that the violence in TV made it less shocking to me.  More of the norm.  I didn't like that.  I didn't want my children feeling that.  It shouldalways sicken and shock us but TV and the games kids play numb you to it.  It becomes the norm.  We can show people killing each other right and left, soft core porn on TV even on the commercials, the mafia people we love to watch,  but we don't show enough of people helping people, handling their problems reasonably, praying, normal families.  People going on TV airing their dirty linen on TV shows for money.  Foul language and children mouthing off to their parents with a laugh track yucking it up.  I saw little in TV anymore that made be proud or gave me good feelings.   Instead often it gave me a bad taste and sorrow for the human race.  Surely we are better then we are portrayed on TV.  Please let us be better then that.

    Anyway it is way to early for such rambling on and for me way to late as I need to go sleep for a couple of hours.  On my day off I usually sleep until 1 and then stay up until 10 so I can sleep at night.  Works for me.  Surgery in 4 days, 3 and a half really.  2 more days of work.  I will be happy when it is done.  I hope to do my voting tonight.  Good luck to everyone.  Night all.


jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


rebuketheworld said...

My kids are a perfect example of regulated TV...They are still shocked, still cry and are still sensitve....I know if they grew up like the other neighborhood kids...they wouldnt be....If anyone abstained from TV for a year.....they would be shocked how much more postive they will feel..too bad some research company cant put such a project together...-Raven