Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Morning


        Do you think she is spoiled?  Doesn't she look soft and furry. I took this picture last night.  We were watching a movie and there is my husband laying on the floor and Zoey sprawled on the couch as comfy as you please.  Half the time she has a pillow under her head.  Spoiled rotten that dog but we love her.

   Not much going on today.  I have been up for hours since I sleep so much on these pain meds.  I think the pain is slightly better today, maybe  a light at the end of the tunnel after all.  My stomach is all black and blue just perfect for halloween.  I don't feel up to going to the gym however.  I can't believe this surgery is worse on me then my breast reduction but it is, more painful for sure.   Speaking of the gym, maybe I should do this, might be the motivation I need.

Man Never Misses Trip To Gym For 5 Years
July 29, 2002 - Florida, USA
In an attempt to force himself into a healthy routine of exercise, a Florida man hired a hit man to kill him if he failed to show up to any of his 3 weekly workouts for the past 5 years. "At first I thought the ridiculous membership fees and that ludicrous up front joining fee would make me workout so I wouldn't waste the money - but that didn't work. Within weeks I was coming up with all sorts of lame pathetic excuses not to go. So I decided that if money wouldn't promote me to go, losing my life would. The hit man idea has worked like a charm, maybe even too good. There were some times that I truly would have preferred not to go, like that time I had bronchial asthmatic pneumonia. I've never had so much dark green mucus running down my face in my life, you should have seen that treadmill afterwards. But with all its ups and downs, my only complaint lately is that what I originally thought were expensive gym fees have been over shadowed by the high cost of the hit man. Now that I want to stop, I can't becauseI told him to shoot me if I told him I wanted to give up."

   On 2nd thought, no thanks.   Some people just don't think things through, LOL.

   Rick has been doing great coming up with meals but I think I will be having to take over soon.  Something light as I have been doing all this eating and no exercise at all.  Yesterday he bought a pumpkin pie for me because I read about it on someones journal and started craving one, you know who you are TerriAnn

 see what you did, LOL   He did get me light whipped cream,  kind of like diet coke with your big mac and fries right.  Giggle.

    Well, time for a shower and I might even get dressed today.  I have been hanging around in baggy sweat pants and loose shirts because my stomach is so distended and sore.  Definately not ready for my blue jeans.   Might give the doc a call today as I am running a low grade fever and still having that pain.  Just want to make sure it is normal.  Hope everyone has a great day.  One more pictures, yes TerriAnn I did take all these pictures.  This is of Mommy Dearest, RIP from the last time I saw her.  I think she must be dead as she hasn't been around for a few months and she was a daily visitor.  I played around with the background.  Kind of how everything looks to me on the stronger pain meds.


sugarsweet056 said...

AWWW loved that pic of Zoey! So adorable.  :)
Hoping the pain subsides & you start healing fast! Low grade fever doesn't sound good, call Doc & see what they say. Better safe than sorry. {{ }}
The gym ideal, no thanks, I'll pass. LOL
Hugs, Sugar

ladeeoftheworld said...

They didn't print the phone number of the hit man.

ravenjuiced said...

Absolutely love the picture of the mutt. I was just commenting on someone's journal that one of mine woke me up this morning at 3 am because he wanted to sleep on my face. Silly dog. I gave him the pillow and took the couch, but an hour later he was over on the couch with me (he's 100 lbs) They're great, aren't they?


linnpooh said...

Ya gotta love our pups, don't ya? They are so spoiled, yet what would we ever do without them.....just pure love! I'm sorry you are still in so much pain....hopefully you will be better soon.

Pooh Hugs,

rebuketheworld said...

That deer picture is way cool! Looks like a painting....good job on that! -Raven

springangel235 said...

Spoiled or cute is what I say...and love the deer...
I hope and pray you do not have a the doc and make sure your okay....many hugs and love,

lanurseprn said...

Love your pictures.  Your doggie looks SOOOO comfortable! LOL!  
Funny story on the hit man.  I can't believe someone would go to THAT extreme LOL!  WOW!
Hope mama deer is ok.  And I hope you are ok.