Friday, October 27, 2006

Another diet tip

   I went shopping today.  Decided to get a new blouse for going out of town tomorrow.   Nothing will get you vowing to stay on your diet quicker the having to look at your half naked rolly polly body in a full length mirror.  AAARRRGGGHHHH, Oh the horror.........the horror.                  

    After having had the unfortunate distinction of having practically every surgeon in town operate on my my stomach, it is beyond hope.  Scars zig zag here and there and any hope of ever strengthening these cut apart and adhesions riddled muscles are just a dream, or another surgeons bill for my tummy tuck.

    I think this will be part of my diet strategy from now on.  Every time I am tempted to cheat on my diet I will haul myself down for another few hours of despair and self-hate. I remember one time just bursting into tears in the dressing room.  This time however I did get a couple of cute blouses.

   Here is a really neat site I think everyone should download and watch this movie.  This is what you won't see on the news but I bet Chisty's husband Chad saw over there.  It should be downloaded and shared.

    I have been keeping track of my my food today.  Below is my summary for the day.  I also counted it up to see how many weight watchers points I used and I used 19.  Pretty good.

                           Your Nutrition Information
                     Actual                Target
Calories            1,130                1500
Calories from Fat   190             280 - 530
Total Fat             22g              32 - 61g
Saturated Fat       5g              <= 17g
Cholesterol          40mg             < 300mg
Sodium             2,150mg            < 2400mg
Total Carbohydrate  158g            180 - 260g
Dietary Fiber          31g               >= 25g
Sugars                  34g                   *
Protein                 62g                 41 - 142g
Vitamin A              *                      *
Vitamin C            120%                   100%
Calcium               70%                      100%
Iron                   130%                     100%
Water                32oz                 >= 64 oz

    Hopefully going back to the beginning is what I need.  I didn't do any exercises today except for shopping.   Having lots of pain today.  Eating bothers me.  My stomach swells up and it just sits there not digesting until hours later I get this dumping syndrome.  This just really started to bother me a couple of days ago.  Might help my diet also because I really am thinking twice about eating at all.  I hope to finish getting my water in but don't want to spend the entire night on the pot.  And thats the end of this entry.  I want to get some pictures in my photo journal and the pain pill is making staying away difficult.  I love getting off the pain pills,  but I love having them for these painful days.


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