Thursday, October 26, 2006

Darn Staples


      My staples are driving me nuts and getting very irritated.  I wish I had a staple remover because I would take them out.  I am thinking of calling the doctor and seeing if I can get that done.  My incisions look well healed but everyplace one of those staples is poking in is red and sore.  The more the swelling in my stomach goes down the more they move around and get caught on my pants.  So that is my whine today.

  Today would have been the day I returned to work if the doctor hadn't decided to give me more time off.  Yikes that would have been so difficult.  I still can't take a deep breath without pain and am having these really irritating dizzy spells.  Just standing there minding my own business and suddenly the room starts to spin and I plop down on my amble behind.  I think it might be my oxygen level could be low because I am forced to breath so shallow and when I am doing anything that requires oxygen, like breathing or moving around I don't have enough to keep me upright.  So I drug down my incentive spirometer and am using it.  I do not want to end up with a pneumonia.  I warn my patients about it all the time and find myself doing the same things that get them into trouble.  Bad nursey.

   Also yesterday I had to take a extra fluid pill.  I think not moving around as much I am used to or maybe still the iv fluids working but I had alot of edema in my legs again.  Looked like sausages and felt like walking on fat pillows.   Today is much better.  I am trying to get myself in shape for the weekend.

   Rick turns 55 this weekend.  Weird.  I remember when I used to think a 55 year old man looked pretty darn unattractive but I still find my husband sexy and attractive.  Weird how also I find myself looking at grandpa's on the street and saying hubba hubba, LOL.  Not all of them though, I do have my standards.  Its a good thing your eyes fail as you get older so its like looking at everyone though vaseline lens, they just don't look that old anymore.  We plan on going to Omaha for the day Saturday.

   Next week is our anniversary.  33 years of bliss.  Well, they weren't all good but it was worth tuffing it out as they are pretty good now and I don't know what I would do without him.  We both have our faults but our strengths compliment each other nicely.  He is my best friend.  I can tell him anything about me and he still loves me.  I also know if anything happened where I got very sick or ill he would be there for me.  He has proven that time and time again.

   Yesterday he spent the entire day in A-fib again.  This seems to happening more often and really scares me.  His heart rate gets so fast I can't count it and his blood pressure was 189/115 yesterday.  I worry he will have a stroke.  It usually lasts around 8 hours and he has promised me if it lasts longer then that he will go to the hospital.   With A-fib if you get in soon enough and if you know how long you have been in it they can cardiovert you.  If you go into a-fib and don't know who long you have been in it they can't convert you until you have been on a blood thinner for as long as 6 months sometimes.   Otherwise you could have formed clots in your heart from the fibulation that may break loose causing a stroke.   It is good that Rick can always tell when he is in fib because he feels terrible but we can always know it we should be getting to the hospital.  Rick is tall, 6' 3" and I keep telling him my back is too darn bad to be hauling his sorry butt around because he refuses to take care of himself.  I have to watch him like a hawk.

   Anyway.  I am going shopping for something to wear this weekend and then am going for a walk.  I need to start getting back on track.  I love the sound of the crunching leaves under my feet this time of year and not sweating up a storm when walking.  Its cool out and Zoey loves walking when it is cool.  So see ya all later.


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