Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ramblings of a unrambled mind


 I have been up drinking coffee and reading entries this morning. Boy some people sure wake up with more clarity of mind then me. I am foggy until at least later in the morning. Check out the entries in these 3 journals if you haven't already.Those Eyes That the Cherubim Drew and I shaved my legs for this? and then this one. Ye Olde English Posy One had me thinking, one had me crying and one had me giggling in my coffee. All before 10 am!

              I bow to your skills.

   Nothing that profound or thought provoking here this morning LOL. Such good writers in J-land. I find myself reading less books as I read the entries from these and other talented writers.

 Anyway. Went hiking yesterday. I can not believe how weak I have become in just a week! Climbing that hill in the woods behind my house was sheer torture! My legs felt like rubber bands and I was gasping for breath by the time I made it to the top. I literately thought I would pass out. Is this the same woman who not that long ago rode my bicycle 126 miles?

 Why was I up there in the first place? Well I thought I might get some good pictures and I thought the exercise might do me good. Thinking gets me in trouble all the time. I took a ton of pictures and they did not turn out at all. Should not have used my filter yesterday. I need to learn when to use it, when not to. Everything now is the same colors of dried leaves, the grass, trees, hills all the same brown color with the very blue sky. What is wonderful is the smell of woods when it is like this. Heavy spicy scent of dried leaves reminding me of cinnamon and other spices. There should be some way to put scents on-line. So far everything else is on-line.

 I slept terrible last night as it turns out pizza is the one thing so far which really bothered me to eat. So today I will do some cleaning and otherwise take it easy. Yesterday I thought about a bike ride but I have changed my mind this morning. Once again I will go through all the catalogs I have stacked up and throw most of them. I get the same catalogs at least once a week. Different cover but everything inside is the exact same. Why do they do that? I eventually get so mad I toss them all and vow to never spend a dime in their shop ever! Send me 1 catalog. I will save it and order what I want from it. That is probably why your products are so expensive because you're spending so much money on catalogs. Heres a free tip from me. Save your money and just send me one if you want my business.

 Really ruins the holidays for me. The pressure, the pressure. Holidays were not like this when I was young. None of the mass buying that you see now. My granddaughter once got so many gifts from her parents and other grandparents that she started to cry and refused to open anymore. Does she play with any of them still? No. As children we got one main gift, a pair of new jammies, and a couple of small gifts. I appreciated them more.

 Well as usual my entry rambles on and on and says very little. All my really good entries are lost in cyper space. Trust me, you would have really liked them, they were stunning, real masterpieces. To bad I was unable to save them, kind of like the big fish that got away!


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