Thursday, October 5, 2006

I can make as many enties as I want to.

Day after day, alone down the hill

The poor cocker spaniel waited for someone to fill

his water bowl, his old food bowl

maybe throw his stool, down that old iron covered hole.

And no one ever petted him

they could tell he was just the dog

and no one ever loved him

just the dog down the hill....

year after year, alone down the hill

and no one ever petted him

just the old dog down the hill

till I rode to work the other day and the kennel was down

the old dog down the hill wasn't here

and they ran hot and heavy

my sad lonely miss that old dog tears.

   OK, I can't sleep so  I might as well write, bad or good I am writing what ever comes into my head.  This one breaks my heart.  That poor old dog.  I would see children and the man sitting in the yard.  The dog sitting there in his kennel with his head pressed to the fence, tail gently, hopefully patting the cement.  Hoping someone would notice him, pet his head, give him the attention this old pack dog craved and wanted.  Year after years.  I never, NEVER, saw anyone show any emotion or affection to this poor old dog.  I alway saw this dog, face pressed to the fence looking at the house waiting for the person who DID NOT deserve to own a dog come out the door.  And then yesterday the kennel is down.  The old dog is dead.  Rick and I are the only ones shedding tears, our dog kissing them off our faces.  Thankfully the kennel is down, they will own no more dogs, such a sad life for a pack dog,   please think before you own, please think before you breed.


rebuketheworld said...

Very sad....Dogs feel loneliness...sad he only knew that...enjoyed your poem about him


nelishianatl said...

Some people don't deserve to have animals.  Such a big responsibility.  They have feelings too.  I don't know how folks can live with themselves.

sugarsweet056 said...

My eyes filled with tears. Thankfully he is at peace now.
Many people should NOT have pets!
Hugs, Sugar

siennastarr said...

I have seen too many people have dogs that do not deserve them.  I won't even get into it here, because I will be back on my soapbox, and I've been it way too much this week.

I agree with you 100%


madcobug said...

I always have wondered why anyone wanted a dog just to keep it fenced in or chained all it's life with no affection coming from anyone. It make me feel so sad. If I see one that is in bad shape I worry about it for days, sometimes weeks.  Helen

lanurseprn said...

How SAD!  I agree with you.  SO many people should just NOT own pets....of any kind.  Poor doggie.