Saturday, April 1, 2006

Sunny Saturday

   It is hard to sleep during the day sometimes when the weather is wonderful outside.  The sun keep pouring in my room even with my blinds closed.  The spring birds are chirping up a storm and I keep waking up and thinking I want to be outside enjoying this wonderful weather.  That is not good since I have to work tonight.  Only 11 hours since the clock will be turned back tonight. 

   I have something wrong in the back of my throat and it is really painful.  More like that back where by jaw meets and it is making my ear hurts also.  I look and can't see anything but if I reach in and touch it up there it is really painful.  My ear keeps popping.  I am also running a low grade temp.  Since all my wisdom teeth have been removed back there I know it isn't that.  I thought at first it was just my ear bothering me but it is in my mouth.  It should keep me from snacking. 

   I did so good at work last night.  The stew yesterday was great and we figure it wasn't that many calories.  He also made low fat buiscuts to go with it .  So I had a cup of that and one buiscut.  Last night at work I had a lean cruisine, salad, 2 multigrain cakes and 9 grapes for dessert.  When I got off work I had a bowl of mini shredded wheat and bran with no fat milk and whey low and we are grilling some pork tonight.  I got a cauliflower the other day I will steam.  I hope I can eat but I just took 800 of motrin and hope to feel better soon.  As usual I still have my appetite even when I don't feel good.  Heavens forbid I lose my appetite.  I will be on my death bed and asking for a little something to tide me over until I get to the other side.


softbluemist said...

I have been browsing through the journals, and came across yours.  I too am 50 and much overdo to get my act together and get in better shape.  I had to laugh at this entry about you being able to eat even when you don't feel well. I used to tell everyone I am the only one I know that can have the worst case of flu and never lose my appetite and GAIN weight!!!  I look forward to reading more of your entries and encourage you with your weight loss journey.  I will be right here trying to lose weight with you.  Good luck!!

dacarson893 said...

You're so funny.  About being on your death bed asking for something to tide you over.  heheh  And at that point, calorie counts be damned!!!  Eat it all, baby!  hahah

With my schedule, I have to keep a very loud fan on when I sleep so that I don't hear the birds and the garbage trucks and the kids getting on the buses for school.  Makes it difficult when we go on vacation.  Then I can't sleep because it's too quiet!

I hope that by now your throat is feeling better!!  Was it on the surface of the skin inside your mouth or more "inside" the skin?  Sometimes when I get some surface irritation, gargling several times with Listerine seems to help.

Great job at work Friday night with the food!  If Rick writes down for you (unless he will also look it up....) the ingredients he uses, you can make yourself a nutrition data label for any recipe using  I did all our family's Christmas cookies last year and I'm the only one who didn't cut back on my cookie intake.  Everyone else, when they saw those labels, there were running the other way!

It's really a handy tool if you do a lot of home cooking.

F E E L  B E T T E R  S O O N , J U L I E !!!!