Thursday, April 13, 2006

Out Of The Hospital.


             Well I am home from my little stay on the other side of the hospital bed.  I would much rather be the nurse.  They started a nitro drip and made me stay and the next day did a Cardiac cath on me.  Good news.  My heart is fine.  They are going to check out my lungs and gall bladder,but I can do that on an out patient basis. Below is my blood vessels in my heart, all nice and open.


    At least I don't have to worry now when I ride my bike and get this pain.  The heart doctor, who was not my favorite by the way, said there are about 99 things which can cause chest pain.  What an expensive relief.  Since my oxygen levels were low it may be that the 30+ years of being a smoker may have caught up with me.  I was happy to see the scales at the hospital weighed me 4 pounds lighter.  I wonder what scale is correct.  My friend took care of me the first night and said I looked so young laying there.  Probably because most of our patients are 60 +.

   Eating of course was not on plan yesterday.  Nothing to eat until around 1 and then I just ate a turkey sandwich and pudding.  Supper was meatloaf, squash, salad and angel food cake.  Not bad.  Then I got home and had popcorn and a carb freedom black raspberry bar.  Couldn't just leave it alone.

   No exercise for a few days until my puncture site heals up and I am not sure if they will let me work tonight.  I have to limit my lifting until tomorrow.

   I just talked to my boss and she will let me work tonight, just give me a helper to do my lifting.  Great as I have no PTO left.  I need to be charge tonight so she was more then willing to work with me.


sugarsweet056 said...

So happy your tests came out ok! WOOP WOOP!!!
Was praying for you.

midwestvintage said...

 Thanks Sugar, I needed the prayers.  Now lets hope the other tests all come out ok.  


sugarsweet056 said...

Hopping by to say "HAPPY EASTER".