Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lovely Day off

     Today is the night I get off for Easter, I do have to go to work tomorrow at 7p though so will get some holiday pay.  We are going to my mother in laws for supper tomorrow.  I have trouble getting into the holiday's with no small children around to decorate for though.  They do make it special.  My grandbabies called today and I asked my granddaughter if she knew why we celebrate Easter.  She said of course Gramma, thats when Jesus became alive and gave us easter eggs!  She is only 5 so I had to laugh.  Partly right at least.  I keep telling my son not to neglect the correct teachings of the holidays since the kids get so many presents I fear it is lost on them at times.  It is a shame it has become about the gifts most of the time.

   As a child growing up we were so poor.  My mother finally was able to escape my abusive father and raised us 5 alone.  We always felt rich because she made the holidays so special with what little we had.  Taffy pulling, making sail boats out of walnut shell halves with wax and toothpicks to hold the paper sail.  Button dolls, remember them anyone?  We would get one big family gift and then each child would get a gift and us kids would wrap one of our treasures and give it away to our brothers or sisters.  We usually traded back afterward.  One year we got a tape recorder and Mom taped us opening our gifts and then played it back afterward.  It was like a miracle to us.  We went to church and we were always in the Christmas or Easter play.  All year long us kids would collect bottles and save our money to buy my Mom a new robe for Christmas.  We always went to the same neighborhood store to buy the robe and no matter which beautiful robe we bought, we always seems to have just enough money in our jar of pennies.  As a child I never thought that strange, just very lucky for us all.  We also all got new PJ's we opened the night before Christmas to wear to bed.  We made all the decorations for our tree and I remember our holidays as filled with joy.  I have seen my granddaughter cry because she had so many gifts to open.  Sad.  I hope they have as happy childhood memories.    


     Well enough of that.  I was going to make shisk kabobs for supper but we have some nasty weather brewing outside.  Hope no tornadoes.  I would love a pizza but we will see.  For lunch I made a whole grain pita with hummus, smoked turkey, spinach leaves, and low fat cheddar cheese.  It was great.  I weigh in Wed and dare I hope this weight stays off I have lost.  Surprisenly enough the scale at the hospital was correct and I am down quite a bit with all the bike riding.  No riding though since Tuesday and I hope it doesn't come back.  I have been eating good for the most part.   


Not Even a chocolate Easter Bunnie                         

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wrigleyrachey said...

Hi. Really enjoyed reading your entry. 'Jesus came alive and gave us all easter eggs.'...ha ha...well at least she knows Jesus, and only 5..We were lucky as children because we were never spoiled, we all seemed to be in the same boat, times were hard but we knew how to play with the simplest of things. Did you ever play 'hopscotch' or skipping two at a time with your friends. Why am I sounding like my mother when she kept reminnising?
Happy Easter.