Tuesday, April 18, 2006


  I stepped on the scale and am up a pound and a half.  Darn chocolate eggs.  I should have turned down the french toast this morning after that, but Rick already had them in the makes.  He makes them low fat by using fat free milk and he sprays the pan with cooking spray.  We used whole grain bread and I use sugar free jelly on mine.  So I don't think it was to0 bad except I had 2 pieces.  I have lots of running around to do today that I didn't get done because of my husbands accident.  He is stiff and sore today and out mourning his poor bike.  The more he checks it out the more damage he sees.  The stress of yesterday put him in A-fib again so he spent the night feeling lousy with a heart rate around 170.  Wouldn't go to the hospital though of course.  Sigh.

   I plan on hitting the gym today if I get off my booty and get moving.  Spent the morning looking at some beautiful pottery on ebay and wishing it was mine.  I love some of the Weller items, actually alot of the art pottery.  My house if full and I want more, more, more.  Love that old pottery.

   It is cold and windy out.  No bike ride today.  Still not sure what to make for supper.  What with the weight gain something in the chicken field will be called for.  Just had a spinach salad for lunch.  I keep bouncing up and down this 5 pound range.  I have got to get firmly back on plan again.  I see the doctor on Friday for my follow-up and will ask about what is causing this problem.  I really don't expect much satisfaction though.  It seems like they just don't do much for you anymore.  Maybe they never did.  I suppose I could make sure and take Motrin or tylenol before I work out and see if that helps.


sugarsweet056 said...

Don't fret over the 1 1/2 lbs, you'll work that off!
Rick might need to go get checked out! I know how men can be, but talk him into it!!!!

lanurseprn said...

He better go to the doctor if that heart rate doesn't slow down a bit.  Is he on meds for it?  Don't let it go too long at that high rate, ok?