Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fluid Pills


 I finally got my pills again yesterday and they must be working because I was up 3 times last night.  I also had a really bed soaking hot flash. 

   4 years since my surgery and I still get hot flashes.

My ankles look much better.  It really bothers me how dependent I am on those.  When they put me on them originally I was 52 pounds heavier and had high blood pressure.  Most of the time now my pressure is really good, even low.  3 days off of the medicine and I swell up like a balloon and my pressure goes up.  Hopefully when I lose another 50 pounds I can finally get rid of them.  The good news if I feel thinner today but I am still not going to weigh in until Wed.  I suppose being 51 and only on 1 medication isn't to awful but I feel healthy and like I shouldn't need anything.  Both my parents were diabetics by my age.

   We grilled a hamburger last night and I had mine plain with low fat pepper jack cheese on top.  Instead of the asparagus I made broccoli because my son wasn't here and he hates it so I don't get it as much as I like.  I had 3 baby red potato also with smart balance spread.  They were pretty tiny so together about the size of a med. potato.  I don't eat them often but the new spring potatoes are so good.  Later I had popcorn, the kind that is 90 calories.  Love my popcorn.  Tonight we are making shisk kabobs with pearl onions, peppers, mushrooms and lean beef, steamed asparagus, ( need to make it for sure tonight), and I am going to make a low fat potato salad today with sweet potato in it I got from Light and Tasty.  We had it last year and it was so good.  Breakfast will be shredded wheat this morning with blueberries on top and no fat milk sweetened with Whey Low, lunch another salad with tuna and a gallon of water.  I want to hit the gym also, but may just mow some of the lawn as it is really getting long.  My son is off today so I don't have to worry about keeping him awake.  We both work 3rd shift and sleep during the days.  I get a long stretch off though and he only has one day off at a time.

    I started off this morning with my meditation and listened to the hypnosis tape.  Then my stretching.  The good thing I got out of yoga is the stretching exercises.

   Last night we watched Kill Bill.  I had vowed never to watch it because I heard it was so violent.  It was, but in such a campy way it was almost a parody.  The blood was so exaggerated anyone could tell it was fake.  Hate to admit this after giving my kids such a bad time about watching it, but I liked it and watched both movies.  I am such a hypocrite! Maybe I am just getting immune to violence.

   First thing this morning I checked on my plants and they all look great.  Watering them with the stuff to prevent transplant shock must have helped and so far no deer dined on them.  My sand cherry tree looks better also.  Last year the deer ate it down so much I thought it had had it but we put a fence around it and now it looks pretty healthy.  I saw all the deer on the edge of the woods last night and watched them to see if they were going to come in for a snack.  I was ready to go shoo them away but they just passed through.  Mamma deer is getting big again and we will have cute little babies to watch grow soon.  Last year she had 3 which is rare but only 2 made it through the season.  We knew the one baby was doomed when we saw it had a leg injury last year.  It makes you want to do something to help it but there really isn't anythingyou can do and nature takes care of the rest by weeding out the weakest.  We have so many deer though.  I have seen up to 20 when they gather go through the back lot.  You can't drive safely on the highways without worrying about hitting one and now they are getting a disease like mad cow so that is a worry also.  Not to mention the deer ticks and lime disease.  They are cute but they could move away from here and it would be OK.  Now we also are getting wild turkeys in the back woods.  What a mess they are and aggressive.  Being chased by a turkey sounds funnier then it really is.  They peck pretty hard.  Also they chased away all the pheasant which were a joy to watch.  We also see the rare red fox which may account for the pheasant being gone.

   Well boy a I long winded this morning.  Won't get anything done this way.  I have a ebay auction going on this week and some questions from buyers to answer so will close for now.  Reading through it it is pretty darn boring anyway.  Such is life.  The older I get the more I like boring anyway.


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lanurseprn said...

Sounds like a great menu for today!!  That's good that you only have to take one medication!  WOW!  
Glad the deer are behaving and not eating the plants.  I hope they leave them alone!
Have a good day.