Saturday, April 29, 2006


   I was visiting with a patient about fishing last night and he told me he owned a farm with a very well stocked gravel pit on it and invited me to fish there anytime I wanted.  How very nice that was.  I told him I was strickly catch and release and didn't believe in leaving any garbage around either and that it was very nice of him.  I had a lovely group of patients last night.  I was charge the first 4 hours which I hate, but was able to do my own thing the last part. 

   My diet did not go well last night.  So far I think if I only eat on plan for supper I will be under 2000 but barely.  I'm hopeless.  The meal I brought was great but I still ate more.  Why can't I stay on plan all of a sudden.  Also I have been coughing and sob all week since I did water aerobics.  I think I have a touch of bronchitis now.  Rick is making spagetti for supper and he always adds italian sausage and lean hamburger.  We are using wheat noodles, but I will have to just have a very small amount of sauce to stay under 2000.  My stomach feels huge.  Is the only way I will stay on plan be to tape my mouth shut.  For work tonight I am going to cut way back on what I bring.  I will plan the supper tomorrow to be a south beach dinner.  No bread what so ever tomorrow.  I can do this.

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lanurseprn said...

You can do it sweetie.  I know it's tough.  I battle it too!  I applaud you for trying so hard.  I'm not even trying at the moment.  Don't give up.