Thursday, April 6, 2006


 Every minute you perform hundreds of karmic actions, yet you are hardly conscious of any of them. In the stillness of meditation, however, you can listen to your mind, the source of all this activity. You learn to be aware of your actions to a far greater extent than ever before. This self-awareness leads to self-control, enabling you to master your karma rather than be mastered by it.

-Lama Thubten Yeshe, "In Wisdom Energy"

    I am on-line so obviously I was signed in and aol wouldn't let me write in my journal until I signed it.  Duh, I am signed in.  So I had to change my password again to get it to re-set.  We just had a power outage so I am not sure if that would be the reason but I doubt.  Every since I installed the security part of aol I am having problems and my computer keeps freezing at the so I have to turn it completely off.  I am tired of this.

   I worked last night and had a great meal of a turkey sandwich, veggie chips, applesauce and later on I had 2 multigrain cakes.  The rest of the staff ordered out so there was this wonderful smell of broasted chicken driving me nuts but I did enjoy my meal.  2 of the nurses have dropped out of dieting so the fattening food is showing up again at work.  I try to ignore it.

  It is in the 80's outside.  I sat out for awhile trying to get some color in my face.  I don't tan much, just burn so I never was much of a sun worshipper but it has saved my in my 50's as most people don't believe I am that old. Few wrinkles.  My aunt that lived in California and laid out all the time always reminded me of a dried apple doll.  She was younger then my mom and looked about 20 years older.  Spooked me from doing much tanning.  Now I am reaping the benefits.  But I do get some sun to add alittle color.


  The sun tea turned out yummy.  I drink alot of tea.  My forearms are sore today from the bike ride.  Must not work the same muscles at the gym.  I did my giant steps around the house today.  Not much but better then nothing.  Well.  off to make our low fat meal.

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softbluemist said...

Dieting at work is hard, especially when others are bringing in cookies and things to share.  I don't eat in our break room and I eat lunch on a porch we have to avoid the temptations, plus it is nice to just have some alone quiet time in the middle of the day.

Some sacrifices we make when we are younger do pay off later in life.  I was never a sun worshiper and I have seen the damge it has caused on many of my girlfriends.
I like reading your journal and getting ideas of different foods to try.  I have never seen veggie chips before!!