Friday, April 21, 2006

Finally a beautiful day


 It is so pretty out.  The pear tree and plum tree are full of flowers which smell so good.  I can leave my windows open today and every once in awhile the smell gently drifts in.  This old pear tree always looks like it is going to die any year.  Half of the truck is hollow.  Every year though it gets a ton of flowers and heavy with fruit.  In the fall my yard is full of dear, squirrels, birds, and other animals eating the fruit.  The pears aren't good to eat if your human, hard little pears but the animals love them.  I pick some and freeze them so in the middle of the winter the deer get a treat.  No wonder the deer aren't afraid of us.  I always look forward to seeing the new baby deer also.  You have to watch it because they will come right up to you and then the mother comes crashing out of the woods to defend the babies.  It only took once for that happening for me to back off and not try to pet them.  One of the flower shops sells a product called invisible fence you suppose to be able to spray on your flowers so the deer won't eat them.  I am going to try that this year.  It does tick me off when they eat 50 dollars worth of plants.


  I am itching to get my flowers in so after the gym I am going to hit the flower places and get my plants.  I have 6 big hanging baskets I want to plant and 5 big porch planters along with the flower bed in front of the porch.  Some of it I have planted with flowers that come up every year but in the middle I leave it so I can plant something different.  Every year they have a different flower that I haven't seen.  I have my primrose planted in part of it already.  They perked up and are so pretty.  My transplanted rhubarb is doing great.  I am glad I moved them so they get full sunlight.  Now I need recipes that are low fat and low sugar for them. 


   I am just going to have a slim fast for breakfast and a salad for lunch with salmon in it.  For supper I have some chicken breast thawing and fresh asparagus to steam.  I am not sure how I will prepare the chicken yet but I have brown rice also.  Maybe grilling it would be good and put the asparagus in the rice with some balsamic dressing or something.  We shall see. My appetite has been horrible lately.  A plump mean eating machine.

   I feel like I have put the weight on for sure, but I refuse to weigh in until my pills have had a few days to get the fluid off me.  I am glad I haven't a doctors appointment today after all as it is way to nice to spend in doors.  I have to talk to a lady about getting a dog food sample of the Flint River Ranch we sell and I have a wedding party tonight, but the rest of the day is mine, mine, mine.  I do need to get a gift so I thought a photo album they could put their honeymoon pictures in would be nice.  They are going to Hawaii.


sugarsweet056 said...

Nice entry! Sounds like you'll be busy!
Menu sounds yummy. :)
Hope you have  a nice wkend ahead!

lanurseprn said...

WOW momma deer crashing out of the woods would scare the daylights out of me!!  I'd probably faint!!  
Sounds like you are going to have a great day!  Enjoy it!  
LOL on the dinosaur graphic!  I've been a "plump mean eating machine" myself!! LOL!

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, keep at it, your weight will drop, especially if you are streaming vege.Not sure about slimfast, why don't you have a nice poached egg on granary toast, then it will fill you till lunch.Cut portions down and eat normally, and it won't be a problem.I am letting my weight come off slowly,but just thinking about how much I really need,not how hungry I am, it may be you need a big glass of water about 20 mins. before eating. All that gardening will help to get rid of the calories! Keep going, you will make it, and keep it off.