Friday, April 7, 2006

Yippy for the weekend

   Well I guess the great weather is gone for awhile.  Rain and thunderstorms all day and very high winds.  Hope it doesn't last my whole weekend.  Work went well last night until our telemetric tech gave us each a bag a candy for Easter.  Why does she do that.  She is so nice and sweet and I have so little resistance.  Then to top it off I had some pretty scary chest pain again last night, like a vice around my chest making it hard to breath.  This is getting scary.    I wasn't doing anything but charting.  I worry since I had this infection in my mouth that I may have Bacterial endocarditis.  I think I would have had a higher fever.  I never really took it though but know it wasn't really high.  Hope it clears up and I feel better.  I am going to the gym this afternoon after I sleep awhile so I will see what happens when I work out.  I have a feeling I may end up in OPD this weekend.  Sure hope not.

   I worked last night with 2 of the women who have had gastric bypass.  We have all lost about the same amount.  They also are somewhat stuck.  I just have a feeling that with the warmer weather coming up I will do better again.

   I am going to get my fishing pole ready to go and buy some supplies.  I used to fish almost every day off but got out of the habit when we started working on the house.  I love fishing. I am strictly catch and release as I do not like killing the fish, just catching them and the fish isn't real safe to eat often out of the gravel pits as the fields surrounding them use so many chemicals on their fields that leach into the water.  I don't even drink the water in some of towns around here.

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sugarsweet056 said...

That chest pain........yikes....need to have that checked! Tha's why I spent the day at the Dr! GRRRR
Hope the mouth is doing better!
I love fishing too, but haven't gone in a long tim! When I get my car fixed or anothr car, I'M GOING!
Take care my dear & have a good weekend!