Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One more day


    I have one more day then off for my long stretch.  I am tired so it will be appreciated.  I asked one of my patients how he was last night.  He said fine now that I have seen you.  Cute old guy about 92 and blind as a bat.  That must be how I look my best, lol.

   I talked to one of the witnesses from my husband accident.  He didn't get the plate also but was right behind the woman who hit him.  He said she wasn't paying any attention.  I knew that already.  He didn't get her plate number because he just assumed she would stop.  Most people do.  Ricks A-fib lasted around the usual 6 hours then went away.  He is on medication for it but it never works for him.  This has been the 3rd med they have tried and so far none work.  It always seems to last around 6 to 8 hours and then goes away.  He gets very sick with it, pale, clammy, weak.  Scares me.  His blood pressure goes through the roof.  He refuses to go to the hospital anymore because it has never made the episodes last any shorter and ends up costing a fortune.  I worry about him having a stroke which is really possible with a-fib.  Unfortunately his heart doctor told him that usually only happened if he was in it for longer then 24 hours so now he plans on just waiting it out and only going in if it lasts longer then that.  He pops an aspirin and lays down and waits.  They say it is just an electrical problem with him, the heart itself looks fine.

   I had a turkey wrap at supper last night with veggie chips and hummus.  Later I ate 2 multigrain rice cakes.  When I got home I had my usual shredded wheat and bran and it sounds like Rick has made no plans for supper so I don't know what we will eat.  I have to work again at 7 so maybe will just make a pita sandwich. 

   Work has been busy and we have alot of really unhappy people on the floor right now.  I should teach them how to meditate.  They need to learn how to chill. One patient is very difficult to care for, very demanding.  He is allergic to perfume so we were assigning him to nurses who normally don't wear any.  All of a sudden everyone is coming on just reaking of perfume!  Go figure.  I also got a record breaker in last night.  If your a diabetic you will appreciate how bad this is.  My patients blood sugar was 18!  Normal is around 70 - 100 give or take.  When I left this morning he seemed none the worse for wear, but I was pretty sure that level wasn't compatible with life.  The lowest I had seen before that was 22 and the man was talking and denied any problems.  Wow.

     I did get my water in last night.  I have been putting true lemon in it as I hate the water at the hospital so I was running to the washroom all night.  Might get off the added weight soon at this rate. 

   Rick just informed me he is making his wonderful low fat chicken and noodles.  Yah, he comes through again.  He has been working on his motorcycle all day trying to fix it and seems in good spirits.  Things must be going well.  His 650 yamaha is old enough he can't get it insured for anything but liability.  28 years ago he was hit on his bike by another person who fled the scene.  I can't believe it happened again.



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lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad your husbands A-fib resolved after only a few hours.  Does this happen often? Is he on anticoagulants?  He's lucky he has you.