Wednesday, April 5, 2006


   First thing this morning I had a dentist visit.  The abcess drained during the night, yik but my ear is feeling better.  They did lots of xrays and the dentist is puzzled.  It is not by a tooth and he is not sure what it going on.  He said he doesn't think it is cancer, (gee that never even entered my mind!) and it doesn't look like there are any retained roots in there.  Maybe sinuses.  I have had a sinus drip for a long time.  Anyway stay on the antibiotics and go back right away if it doesn't improve or my fever gets higher.  Any chest pain, go to outpatients.  One thing after another.  It is a good thing I got my income taxes back or I wouldn't have been able to afford this.  Of course it would have been nice to put the money in the bank and save it but it is not to be.  My boss let me change my days around so I didn't work last night when I felt so bad but will work Thursday when they were shorter at work.  And tonight of course.

   I am down a pound today.  Not because my mouth and ear hurt so much I couldn't eat, I can always eat, sigh.  I did work out alot last week and have been trying harder to get my water in.  I am hoping my husband gets home soon so we can go for a bike ride.  The weather is lovely out.  We are suppose to get some rain later but for now it is a perfect spring day.  I have been doing giant steps around the house and outside today and I think my neighbors think I am nuts but I want to get rid of my gut. We are grilling tonight and I am going to have a huge salad instead of potatoe with mine.  I am on my 2nd glass of water and doing good.

   We had a lovely 11 mile bike ride today.  Thanks to exercising all winter my leg muscles were up to it.  The weather is 73 and really nice.  On the way back we had a head wind which was tuff but really not much problem.  There was one little upsetting thing.  I started getting an irregular heart beat.  That happens occasionally and it didn't bother me too much, but then I started getting chest pain.  I slowed down which helped but everytime I sped up the pain came back.  Since we still had about 4 more miles to go it was a problem.  By the time I got to the car the pain was going down my arm and in my jaw.  Now that had me worried.  But by the time I got home I felt fine again.  This has been happening more and more often when I work out.  I suppose I will have to think about seeing my heart doctor before long.  I lost my nitro but really haven't needed them often so never bothered to get them  renewed.  Maybe I will have too.  All this exercise and losing weight and still having problems.  It could be because I have an infection, who knows.  It has been 5 years since my last cardiac cath and I would be happy if it was 5 more years before I get another.

  We are grilling tonight for sure.  I am going to make some sun tea.  First of the year.  I am going to make it out chia tea.  Should be yummy.


sugarsweet056 said...

CONGRATS on being down a lb! ;0)
Glad you went to dentist, hopefully problem will go away with the antibiotics. Keep on top of it.

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softbluemist said...

I am hoping you are feeling better now that you are on antibiotics.  I am glad you got to see your dentist, and I too would never have suspected cancer to possibly be the cause of something like that.  That comment would have shocked me too.

You are such an inspiration with your exercising.  I can't imagine riding for 11 miles.  I walk and only do a few miles and I start getting slight chest pains also. I have often wondered if I should have a heart cath or something.  Keep us updated in your journal if you pursue getting the chest pains checked out.  I am doing great with drinking water also.  Once I get in the habit I do enjoy it, but it has to be very cold with lots of ice.  HMM never heard of the GIANT step thing, but I can see how it would work more muscles. I may give it a try.