Monday, April 17, 2006

AOL is so weird.

   I just woke up and looked at my earlier entry and there were 3 of them.  No wonder Sugar got so many alerts.  Could I have been sleepy enough to hit the button that often?    Yes...... but I think it probably the magic of AOL.

   I  am going to call my doctor and make my follow up appointment.   I have been doing some research on exertional chest pain with a normal Cardiac cath.   I have to find out what is causing this since it is interferring with my working out.  I have come up with a couple of causes that might be the reason and am going to discus it with my doctor.  It is important to get to the bottom of it because if this makes it so I can't exercise it will be so much harder to lose weight.  Anyway this link it what I want to see if I could have.Cardiac syndrome X - Patient UK  The good thing is this won't kill you,but since it causes many patients to gradually do less and less due to chest pain so it does hurt you in the long run.  I also have to get my HCTZ filled and she won't do it without seeing me this time. 

   I am going to have a whole grain pita sandwich with smoke turkey in a minute and hummus.  Yum.  Plus  I have to get those packages mailed.  I am not even sure if the post office is open but will see.  I have a veggie stir fry in mind for supper plus some great asparagus in the fridge.  Then movie and back to bed.  Such a boring life.

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sugarsweet056 said...

Just saying HI. Yes, look into it...hopefully you can find out what the prob is. ;0) Your menu sounds yummy!