Saturday, April 8, 2006

Vets report


       Yesterday I had Zoey to the vets for her shots and checkup. The vet said she needs to lose weight. Looking at her I must admit she has gotten thick around the middle. She doesn't eat that much and of course I have her on the wonderful food I sell, Flint River Ranch, but since we have joined the gym she isn't getting as many walks as she used to get and now that she turned 7 this year the decrease in exercise is getting to her. I told the vet us old ladies just have the hardest time keeping our girly figures. So anyway we are getting ready to go out to Adams reserve to walk. It is a 10 mile trail and we always talked about walking her there but never have. I have ridden it many times on the bike but haven't walked it. It is cool out, under 40, so Zoey will love it but I will have to dress in layers as it is suppose to eventually get to 50. By the time I got all my running done yesterday I never made it to the gym so I need the exercise also. We are bringing the cell phone in case my heart acts up. Last year I had some pretty bad chest pain during out ride so we always bring it now.

 Zoey as a fat puppy

Zoey as a fat old lady

For breakfast this morning I had shredded wheat and all grain toast, 1 piece with reduced sugar raspberry jelly. Yum. I am finishing up my coffee and then will get ready.

I am still having trouble with heel pain and am going to wear my good walking shoes with my miracle insoles. Should be set for a lovely little hike in the woods. What really bothers me is my dog is always on a leash, she isn't good about coming when called, but not everyone leashes theirdog. It makes Zoey very nervous when a strange dog comes running up to her while she is on her leash. She feels trapped and gets all weird acting. For some reason it seems like people never want to put their pit bulls on leashes around here. I have a pepper spray I carry during walks, but wish people would just leash their dogs. We have a lovely off leash park if they want to walk their dogs off leash, go there! Anyway enough of that. Should be a nice day.

   We ended up going to Snyders Bend and walked around 8 miles to the end of the lake and back.  It was just lovely.  Zoey loved it and got to jump in the lake and swim around scaring all the duck.  Their were white pelicans swimming around and wild turkeys all over.  We did get one tick all ready.  I thought is was early enough not to have to worry about it but no such luck.  Then we had some turkey wraps for lunch.  I bought some primroses to put in the front flower bed which I have never planted before.  They are so pretty but not much smell.  All in all a very nice day off.  Rick is grilling some burgers and I am going to make a spring salad.  I have sun tea set out.  It is now 51 so the weather is nicer.

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sugarsweet056 said...

Zoey is such a lovely lady! Yes a few extra walks will be enjoyed by her! ;0) I, too never understand people letting their animals off lead!!! So much could happen! If you see the owners, remind them that they need to have their pet on a lead! I ALWAYS keep mine on lead...with exception of Sweets when we're in the frt yd or going to car, she stays right by my side.
Sounds like a nice brkfst you had!
Yep, always wear the good walkeis when walking, hope your heels are better!
Have a good day.