Sunday, April 9, 2006

Plantar Fasciitis


Heaven's forbid I go a day without something being wrong with me.  Now that my abcess is better my Plantar Fasciitis is acting up after our wonderful walk.  Unfortunately this is a common complaint amoung overweight women.  I have found a absolutely wonderful site on the condition with some great exercises and treatments you can do at home without spending a fortune on.  I do think some inserts are called for though.  Check this site out if you have problems.  I have already done my stretching exercise this morning.  I could barely walk when I got up.  It is better now.


   For breakfast I had my usual shredded wheat with whey low.  I am stuck in a rut.  I really like this cereal though and it sticks with me.  I was looking outside and kept seeing this Robin flying by with sticks in her mouth.  The silly bird is building a nest on my porch wreath.  Not the best of places.  We don't use the front door often but my plants go there and I water often.  I hope she isn't scared away with the activity.  I should probably stop her before she lays any eggs but her nest is almost finished and she worked so hard.

    There is an auction I am thinking about going to 70 miles away.  They have some great stuff but my husband thinks it will be full of dealers and rich farmers who will and can outbid me in almost everything.  They have a print I would love by Maxfield Parrish and a sugar and creamer set inthe Tea Room pattern by indiana glass I really wish I could pick up cheap, me and 400 others probably.  So we probably won't make the long drive.

   If I don't do that I will do some yardwork today.  I replanted my rubarb plants because they were getting too much shade where they are now.  Darn mulberry trees are springing up all over the place and this one got quite large and is shading the area.  I wanted to cut it down right away but my husband wanted to keep it.  It is way to close to my clothsline for my taste.  Bird droppings full of mulberry juice is extremely hard to get out of clothes.

   I had a very nice meditation today.  A problem with trying to lose weight is you  can start to look at yourself so critically.  You are so focused on getting thinner you can't stand the sight of yourself in the mirror, hyper-critical and unforgiving of your lumps and bumps.  What didn't bother you before is now a curse that you can't stand.  I need to work on feeling good about myself reguardless of what my body looks like as I am so much more then just that.  I actually try to avoid the mirror most of the time and use it just to make sure my hair is looking OK.  So during my meditation I do a positive me routine.  I focus on what is wonderful about me.  Sounds silly but I think it is important.  The more you care about yourselve the more apt you will be to successfully lose the weight, albet very very very slowly like I am.

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