Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blew it

  Gosh I feel as senile as my MIL.  I missed my doctors appointment because it was today insteady of tomorrow.  I have it written on my calendar for tomorrow but when I called today to see why my pills weren't renewed they told me it was today.  Who made the mistake, who knows.  So anyway I don't get to see the doctor until Tuesday.  They weren't going to renew my script until I saw the dr but I told them I had 3 + pitting edema in my legs now and my blood pressure was 162/98 plus I was short of breath so I really would like to get my medication before  I see her.  They agreed I need it now.  I feel so sorry for patients who aren't medically trained as they get put on the back burner all the time and don't know how important it is to get in.  This really bothers me that just going off my medication for 3 days has caused me to have this problem.  I have lost 50 pounds, I work out at least 3 times a week, I watch what I eat, and I have this problem.  No one knows why, at least they don't tell me why.  I am a nurse and have been one for 26 years and I get as little information as anyone.  The health care system really is awful.  Are the doctors really that clueless or is it they can't, or won't check it out depending on what your insurance covers?  On my tombstone I will have, died due to insurance companies lack of interest.

   Anyway, on a bright note.   We may start babysitting some children of one of the waitresses we know.  She was going on and on about her kids grandparents never wanted to see her children.  I love children and miss my grandchildren terribly.   I told her we could watch the children and I was PALS certified.  Pediatric Advanced Life Certified.  She was thrilled and so we might have some children to enjoy occasionally.  We all love kids here and have really been missing our little ones.

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lanurseprn said...

I'm sorry you missed your doc appointment. But, I'm glad they renewed your meds.   They really need to find out what the cause of the swelling is.  Keep on 'em!!  
It'll be fun for you to babysit.  Kids always light up a home!  They give a house good energy.  Have fun!