Sunday, April 30, 2006

Last night of work


   It has rained everyday since Thursday.  My plants are all thriving under the rain as for the most part it has been a gentle rain, but some sun wouldn't hurt either.  The grass in my front yard is at least 2 feet long in places.  Must get the mower fixed, but we couldn't mow in the rain anyway.  Everything is so green.  When my son was little he used to ask us if it was green out yet because he couldn't go out to play until the sun came up.  He used to crawl out of bed around 5 am ready to go.  "Is it green out?"  Cute the things kids say.  He also used to call a tow truck the toe taxi.   This is also the child that told me he wanted to "stand to go bathroom like daddy!"  "Great I said. show mommy", he stood there and went potty like a big boy and then pooped on my floor!  Sigh.  You have to spell everything out for a child.  Funny memories.

   What does this have to do with my eating plan?  Nothing, but my daily total is so bad I was hesitating to get to it.  Not that the calories were horrible but certainly more then the 1500 I have set for myself, but the total fat was very high as were a few of the others.  Carbs were right up there, but my sodium was down.    I have a lot of room for improvement and I can see now why my weight loss has stalled so bad.  It will be interesting to see what my first weekly total shows.

   One more day to work and then I am off tomorrow.  If you can call it that since I get off at 7 am and then will sleep until 12:30.  I have to get a package ready and go to the bank.  I also want to hit the gym and Tuesday some of us are going to take a stair class at the gym.  Should be interesting.  I said I would try it once to see if it kills my knees.  I want to find something to replace my water aerobic class that gives me as good of a workout.


   Supper tonight is left overs so I opt for the spagetti again which has less calories then the mac and cheese.  Rick always cooks for 4 still and has trouble cutting it down to just the 2 of us these days.  We usually run some over to his mother who us happy not to cook and is scoring regularly on the days Rick cooks.  She has gained weight also.  Rick is just too good a cook I underlined the ones that need work.


                                Your Nutrition Information

                                                   Actual                                Target

Calories                                       1,900                                   1500

Calories from Fat                           530                                  280 - 530

Total Fat                                       62g                                    32 - 61g

Saturated Fat                                 17g                                    <= 17g

Cholesterol                                 155mg                                   < 300mg

Sodium                                      1,770mg                                 < 2400mg

Total Carbohydrate                        260g                                   180 - 260g

Dietary Fiber                                 23g                                          >= 25g

Sugars                                          61g *

Protein                                           80g                                        41 - 142g

Vitamin A                                      *                                                  *

Vitamin C                                      60%                                         100%

Calcium                                        35%                                           100%

Iron                                             140%                                          100%

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lanurseprn said...

Funny story about your son!  LOL!  I think you're doing pretty good on the diet.  Keep it up and let us know how you do at weigh in time.
Good luck at the gym!!