Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Morning blues


Actually I am not blue, but the beautiful blue skys are hiding today and it is cooler.  Wednesday it is suppose to be cold enough I will have to cover my plants. Since I am going fishing that day it will be great fishing. Into every life some rain must fall and the color green turns after a rain is worth it.

   I am getting ready for the gym and thought I would do a quick entry.  Not that there is much to say, but I vow to eat breakfast today before I go and do better at my diet today.  That is what I focused on in my meditation today.  Stay on plan, stay on plan, stay on plan.  My mantra.  Eating all 3 meals is part of the plan. 

   I spent years only eating supper and then eating way to much.  Bad habits.  I thought I had all my bad habits broken but they come right back without a conscious effort.  Like alot of people portion control was always a huge, ( get it? Huge!), problem.  The new American plate shows you plain and simple what your portions are.  I think I have the link on the side bar. You really have to read your labels.  I once ate 3 times a serving only to read later and find out you were only allowed 1/4 of cup to get the 95 calories.  Prepackaged foods do that alot.  Only 100 calories!  You happily buy and finally get around to reading the fine print to see 100 calories a bite!  Yikes.  So you really have to read first, eat later.  Usually I won't buy.  I do like the Lean Cruisines because they are lower in sodium which I need but nothing tastes like home cooking and no packaged meals even come close.  I am however lazy when it comes to cooking.  On the days I work I want something fast and easy to take to work.  I can work on pre-making foods for work and freezing them but I know I wouldn't keep it up.  Who wants to stay in doors cooking when it is so nice out?

   I have an ebay auction going on right now.  They drive me nuts and I remember what I hate about selling on ebay.  Ton of people watching the item, but no one will bid until the last 10 minutes.  Then they want shipping costs right away.  Like I have the item sitting there packed.  I do if they bid early so I am sure it is going to sell.  A lot of time I will just cancel the auction early if I have no bids by day 3.  Then I get all these emails, why did you cancel the auction, I was going to bid.  Sorry, now you have to pay the full price if you want the item since it is back in my store.  Snooze you lose.   I answer a million and one questions and still they wait until the last minute trying to get it for the cheapest amount.  Sigh.  If they would pay what it was worth I could afford the bubble pack, wrapping paper, gas, boxes and everything else I need to send it to them safely.   I keep telling myself this will be the last year I do it.  The only things that don't go cheap on ebay are the things I am bidding on!  Why is that?  I refuse to give this stuff away.  I sat through hours of boring auctions, drove miles on bad roads, inspected hundreds of items for the perfect pieces, took hundreds of pictures and wrote and rewrote hundreds of descriptions to bring you this lovely item and you only want to pay what!  I am asking $45.00 and you want to make me an offer of $10.00!  Out of respect you are suppose to ask for a 15% discount, then I will up it to 10% and we are all happy.  And to top it all poop gets more bids then my hundred year old hand made one of a kind vase.  Sigh.  Gee, this seems to be a sore subject with me.  I guess I'll close and go work it off at the gym plus I just got a call from someone who was at Ricks wreck.    Bye all.

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sugarsweet056 said...

I hear ya about eating only once a day, a supper, (3 or 4 platfuls). Did it most of my's sooo hard for me to try & eat 3 smal meals & a couple healthy snacks!
Good luck!