Sunday, April 2, 2006

Dreary Sunday

I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming that comes when you finish the life of the emotions and of personal relations; and suddenly find - at the age of fifty, say - that a whole new life has opened before you, filled with things you can think about, study, or read about...It is as if a fresh sap of ideas and thoughts was rising in you.
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-Agatha Christie

    This is so true.  I was listening to some of my younger co-workers yesterday.  The things they are passionate about or angry about seem silly to me to waste your time on.  They find it hard to believe I have no TV and would rather read a good book then watch American Idol on TV.  I think I would not want to waste time watching a tv program when there might be some interesting place I could go in a great book.  But at my age I have lived through many programs like American Idol.... Star search, the Gong name a couple.  It sounds like the only difference is the people are meaner and crueler on this new show.  Laughing and hurting another person for ratings doesn't sound entertaining to me.  One of the many reasons we got rid of TV.  TV doesn't respect the individual and worships the rich and rude.  TV children have no manners or values and I see it repeated in alot of the children I meet now a days.  If I could do anything different I would have home schooled my children and gotten rid of the TV years sooner then I did.    Rambling here.

    Now this is just my humble opinion for anyone who might read this.  I do know there are some good programs out there.  I know there are some great children out there, after all my grandchildren are out there :-)  It is a different and meaner world though then the one I grew up in.  I feel sorrow my grandchildren will never have the freedom of being young and carefree in the same way I did growing up.

   I obviously woke up in a mood today.  I think it is the grey gloomy misty day outside.  The fact that I am in quite a bit of pain isn't helping either.  I will have to go to the doctors in the morning if it isn't better.  No idea what is for supper tonight.  I had left over stew for supper last night.  Some veggie chips for a snack and a couple of multigrain cakes.  I was charge last night again and the night flew.  One more day and then off for one day.  I was so bloated last night and looked and felt like I was 6 month pg.  I have to work harder on my ab work.  I swear it is getting larger not smaller with my weight loss.  I also want to look into a program tomorrow and see where a meeting will be.   I am going to do it because I know it will help me.

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dacarson893 said...

Julie, I am right there with you about how the world is not as nice of a place as it once was.  I'm fairly young and I still feel like kids being raised today are missing out.  Just looking at how I was raised as opposed to how my boyfriend was raised.  He feels I was deprived in some way because my parents didn't have money for extras when I was growing up so we did things like take winter picnics to NYS parks to walk on frozen lakes, have snowball fights, eat chili from a thermos, and grilled cheese "warmed up" on top of the car engine.  I think he was "ruined" because his family went to the movies in those cold winter months instead of enjoying the beauty and freedom outside.

I can't stand shows like American Idol!  They are ridiculous!  I think insulting, too.  And I mean insulting to the viewers.  Television shows like that cost very, very little to produce and I don't like that the networks feel that they can take advantage of "stupid" viewers by feeding them crap shows that they don't have to pay for!  Give me a good crime drama any day!  Do you read Kathy Reichs?  There's a show on FOX based on her books.  She's a producer for that show.  That one is very very favorite show but only because it's based on books!