Saturday, April 29, 2006


  Try to be reasonable in the way you grow, and don't ever think it is too late. It is never too late. Even if you are going to die tomorrow, keep yourself straight and clear and be a happy human being today. If you keep your situation happy day by day, you will eventually reach the greatest happiness of enlightenment.

-Lama Thubten Yeshe, The Bliss of Inner Fire

 Well, I slept lousy and only got around 5 1/2 good hours and then woke up every 15 minutes or so.  Happens that way sometimes.  Work will be very tuff and I can only hope we are busy.  I got something from the insurance stating they paid my bill and I still owe 6599.00. Yikes, I thought it would pay better then that and just got another bill for over 11,000 for my last stay.  I am hoping my hospital writes off some of that bill.  I think they are suppose to but we will see.  The way our census has been I can't even pick up some extra.  I am trying to stay in that happy place like it states above and did my meditation when I woke up, but I have a feeling it is not going to work so well.  Just take it a day at a time.

Your Nutrition Information

Actual Target Calories 1,990  1500

Calories from Fat 520    280 - 530

Total Fat 60g    32 - 61g

Saturated Fat 20g <= 17g

Cholesterol 205mg < 300mg

Sodium 4,290mg < 2400mg

Total Carbohydrate 297g 180 - 260g

Dietary Fiber 16g >= 25g

Sugars 134g *

Protein 68g 41 - 142g

Vitamin A * *

Vitamin C 50% 100%

Calcium 80% 100%

Iron 120% 100%

         Yike, everything is way too high almost.  I could only guess at the spagetti so it could be higher or lower. I am afraid higher.  Goal for tomorrow is much lower.  This has been good to start keeping track of my calories again.  It is so easy to fool yourself otherwise.  Can't do that when it is right there in black and white.  At the end of the week I will do my weekly summary and see how it totals up.  I have go to do something about that sodium.  Just think.  I limit my sodium and never add it to foods or cook with it.  I wonder what my mother in laws sodium intake is, she salts salt!  Of course she has been very lucky as none of that as ever bothered her.

  Well I am off to work all showered and hopefully awake enough that the night will be good.  Please don't be quiet tonight, I do not need that.

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lanurseprn said...

That's all we can do is take it a day at a time.