Thursday, April 27, 2006



 Fishing yesterday was not very productive.  I got one small bass in 3 hours.  One large sunburn again.  My doctor would scream if she saw me.

     Feeling pretty silly today.  I couldn't understand why I was burning so bad when I wasn't out that very long, not counting yesterday, and used sunscreen.  Nurses instruct patients in their medications alot and remind them to know the side effects and precautions with each of their meds.  Well, the one medication I am on cautions you about being out in the sun as it makes you burn faster.  Of course I had completely forgotten that.  What a good patient I am! 

   Anyway the weather was cool but sunny yesterday and it was a pleasent day at the lake and a prettier drive to get there. 


Pretty expensive though.  Fishing liscense are up to $17.50!  Yikes.  I haven't been fishing for 5 years and they were 10.50 then.  I used to fish everyday I was off, but got out of the habit when we were remodeling this house because then everyday off was spend here working.  Not paying attention to how much the fishing liscense was going up.  Then the worms were $2.85!  Man.  I bought 2 dozen thinking I was going to have fish lining up to let me catch them and only used one worm.  Last, but certainly not least, the cost of gas to go 40 miles to fish.  Pretty pricey day all in all for one 13 " bass.  At least if could have been a legal size. 

    I hadn't been to this gravel pit for 5 years so the fishing may have died out there.  I did see huge 3 to 5 foot carp lazily swimming by looking like submarines.  They rarely bite on a hook, but when they do you are in for a super fun time fighting to get it to shore.  I once had one bite on my micropole that I had fitted with 4 pound spider line.  I was sure the pole would break.  My bobber sank and took off at unbelievable speed.  I did manage to get it to the shore before it broke the line. Spider line is very hard to break.  That fish was only around 3 feet, a small one by that places usual size.  Anyway I wonder if they ate most of the panfish as I didn't see a single crappie.

   We got back to town around 6 after driving through the Loess hills which were beautiful with flowering trees and bright green grasses.  Such a lovely day.  At home we cut up some yellow squash, zucchini, red, yellow, and green peppers, peeled red pearl onions, and mushrooms and make kabobs that I marinated in Ken's Herb and Garlic marinate.  We had some very lean pork cuts we seasoned with garlic pepper and I wrapped some sour dough in aluminum to put on the grill.  I admit to having a Widmer wheat beer with the meal as it just screamed for it after the lovely day.  No self control.  Still I don't think I did bad yesterday.  Slim fast for breakfast and lunch, one large apple and a few corn nuts,( not good either), and then supper.


    I start my long stretch now tonight.  Census is down so I hope I get through the next 4 days without having to take a low census day.  Normally I would jump at a day off but I really need some full paychecks to play catch up on my bills. 

    The ebay auction is over andI have to mail packages.  To me it was a bust, but some people got very lucky.  I probably won't do another for awhile.  Everyone waited to bid until the last hour and only 2 things brought what they should have, one more.  The others went way low.  I hate to put a reserve on them because ebay nickle and dimes you for everything you add on.  It gets pretty pricey.  If I do sales in the future I will mention on the listing that I reserve the right to end the listing early if no bids by day 2.  That would save me sitting there packing up all the items at once as I don't pack them unless they sale.  I think as soon I finish this ladies sale I will close my store and get a booth at a local antique mall and sell the rest.  Make alot more money.

   Well, I guess I will finish and make my breakfast.  Shredded wheat and a banana.  I am going to have a nice salad for lunch and am not sure what for supper yet.  It will be a on plan day.  Hope everyone has a lovely day.


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