Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bike Ride

 It  was the perfect day for a bike ride.  The wild plum trees were in full bloom and the smell was heavenly.  Nice cool breeze to keep the heat down but I burn't anyway, and the sky was a perfect blue with cotton ball clouds.  The trail was busy today and we met some wonderful people we shared tips with for keeping the deer out of our plants and how to keep our butts from getting sore and numb on the bike rides.  The things that are important to riders.  We also heard there is a mountain lion in the wood we ride in.  We have seen a couple of deer carcuses and thought it was poachers but they didn't look cleaned, they looked eaten.  I will have to get some more pepper spray to carry in case we run across it.  They do attack people occasionally, but there is plenty of game for it to eat with all the ducks at the lake and deer aplenty. 

    We did 9.7 miles.  My new bikes fender broke.  Cheap plastic even when I spent 400 dollars.  I will call them in the morning to get it fixed.  For supper we had pizza.  I did bad on my diet as I didn't eat breakfast again like I had planned, no lunch, just a few veggie chips with hummus which is much better today and then supper.  I did drink 2700 cc of tea and a 36 ounce water on the ride.  It is so hard to eat when your not hungry and I wasn't at all today until later.

   We have to go to my MIL.  She accidently unplugged her light and can't plug it in again.  Weird but she would have to get down on her hands and knees to reach behind the bed and wouldn't be able to get up again.  She does pretty good for 84 but some things we should just do for her.  I want to talk her into swimming in the morning anyway and it is harder for her to turn me down if I ask her in person.  I am just going to do 1 hour and see if I have breathing problems.  If I do then that explains the day I went to the hospital.  I only had a short time of chest pain on the ride.  Not bad.  Well, I am off.  bye all.

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lanurseprn said...

WOW that's a long bike ride!!  I bet you're tired after that!  Glad you had such a nice day.