Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Water Aerobics.


   Well, its official, swimming messes up my lungs,  I am wheezing, coughing, short of breath, and just miserable and I only did one hour!  What a huge huge disappointment for me.  I love water aerobics. I like it much better then the treadmill and weights.  The workout seems to be better for toning not to mention great on my creaky old joints.  I forgot to try a clariton before I went, but I did go into the steam room afterward to see if that would help open up my air passages.  Why did it not use to bother me?  I did it for 9 months without any problems and now it about kills me.  My doctor will hear me at my wheezy best.  I hope she doesn't want to give me an inhaler.  They are so expensive. 

    I tried to add a guestbook like Sugar has but can't figure out how to insert it so I stuck it on the side.  Sign in please and leave a link to your journal.  So many wonderful people in J-land.

   I will probably post once more tonight when I get home from the doctors on what my weight is. 

         Thanks Sugar, I did what you said and it worked.  So smart.

     Back from the doctor.  My weight only shows I have lost that 1.5 pounds I gained, no other loss, sigh.  She did some tests and as suspected I have mild restrictive airway disease from smoking so many years, but she suspects I am also having asthma attacks after swimming.  I was feeling better by the time of my appointment, just a cough.  So the next step is to see a specialist.  I like the doctor I will see, he is very good, but wanted to see a different doctor strickly because of the eye candy appeal, shame on me.  I see him next week.  No more water aerobics until we find out what is going on.  I refused the steroid inhaler.  Thanks but no thanks. 

   She was very impressed with my weight loss and liked my new hairstyle, told me never to get this sunburnt again and was very nice.  So different then my old Doctor.  A male Doctor would never notice you changed your hair.  My bad cholesterol was 143 and is suppose to be under 100.  I bet it was much higher before I started eating different.  Have to cut down on cheese and give up, sigh, shrimp.  I love shrimp.

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sugarsweet056 said...

Hey gurlee, sorry to hear you had such a bad time! :(
About the guest book, I simply saved it to my favorites(after I got it set)...then went to my side bar all about me, clicked on edit...then dragged it from favs over to there. That was it, has to be simple for me or I can't do it!!!
Have a good day, need any more help just email me!