Thursday, April 20, 2006

My long stretch off begins.

   Wow we were so busy last night the night just flew by.  Codes, chest pains right and left,  low oxygen levels.  Run run run.  But made the night go so fast and I had some lovely patients.  I am going to sleep a couple of hours and then hit the gym  I feel the need for a really good workout.  I have been slacking so much since my problems last week.  It is hard to get to the gym when I work the 12 hours though. 

   No chest pain last night while I worked, but the night before I had chest pain for the last 2 hours.  I see the doctor tomorrow, but am really thinking about cancelling.  I can just see this being a huge amount of money and no clue about what the problem is.

   I brought a healthy choice for supper last night and it was pretty awful.  I like the lean crusine better, but the price jumped way up. There is less sodium in them.   I haven't taken my fluid pill for 3 days now and hope the doctor will renew my med because my ankles are really getting swollen.  That may be the cause of my weight gain, well that and the chocolate. 

     My goal is to hit the gym everyday this weekend and hopefully the weather will improve so  I can go for a ride on my bike.  The wind is a killer out there which really gives you quite the workout on a bike.

    The deer were out there eating my flowers again.  They have been known to come up on my porch and since they aren't the least bit scared of us they get to be pesty.

     Well I am awake again and ready to go to the gym. Sitting here drinking my lemon water like a good girl.  It is cool and windy out so a good sweat will feel great.  My muscles really need it.  I may hit the sauna also as that would feel pretty good and is a wonderful way to sweat off a few fast pounds.

     I got a call from work right after I woke up asking if I wanted to work tonight.  Sorry, give me a day off please.  I might work this weekend though if they need someone as I have some bills I want to make a dent in. 

   Tomorrow I want to get some bedding plants and get my plants planted in all the planters.  I usually have hanging baskets and planters full of flowers all spring and summer.  Love the color.  I like the baskets as I can move them around and create a whole new look just by changing the color scheme.  Already my grass needs mowing and the rider is broke right now so all 4 lots will have to be done by hand mower.  That takes hours so we will have to get the rider running soon.  Yes I realize the exercise would be great not using the rider but ours is so old it bounces about 10 pounds off you just riding it.  Fortunately my husband can fix anything so he will be able to fix the mower.  Getting him to do it though is another matter.


sugarsweet056 said...

You really need to go ahead & see the Dr, I know about the $ end of it, but you need to get this checked out fully.
Don't over do or push yourself to hard, dear!
I like the healthy coice, the lean cuisine is just too $ for me!;0)
My ankles hang over my shoes, some is fat, some is swelling, & some is from the OA. Did you see the pic of my knees? It was in the Furr Baby Journal, the entry with the Halti for Angel. One reader called it "eye candy" LOL LOL!
AWWW bet the deer are so pretty, but yep I can see were it'd get to be a problem!
Have a good day,

lanurseprn said... NEED to see a doc about this problem.  It could escalate into something bad and it's better to catch it early. I'd love to have deer in my yard!  I can see where they'd get pesty, but it would still be a kick for me!