Sunday, April 9, 2006

new bike

  I went to Scheels to buy some athletic tape for my heel.  I ended up spending 380 on a new bike!  Trek Navigator 250 with wheel fenders and a rack on the back.  24 speed and built for a woman.  I am nervous as I can't find this bike on the internet but I do find the 200 and the 300 which have good reviews.  I hope the 250 which came out this year, just isn't listed yet and has as good reviews as the others.  Then we went for a bike ride as I all of a sudden felt really sad for my old bike.  It rides well and I love the color.  I do not love the color of my new bike, but I realize that should not be an issue and my husband kidded me about it.  The bike is on sale and $80.00 dollars cheaper then if it wasn't.  Do I ride enought to buy a $420.00 dollar bike?  Yes, I really think I do.  When I pick it up tomorrow I will post a picture. 

   We went for a ride today which turned out to be brutal.  Going was fine and it was all downhill.  Coming back was really hard as we had the wind slamming into our faces and we had to peddle up hill the entire time.  Good news, no chest pain, bad news, not much fun.  It will be interesting to see how it goes tomorrow with the new bike.  I have to learn how to use the gears.

   We went and had a beer, I know not the best for my diet but I always get shook up spending money I really can't afford to spend and a beer tasted great, and then home to make fajitas.  I sat outside in my swimsuit top and tried to get a little sun to warm up my chilled bones from the ride.  Long enough to warm up, short enough not to burn my tender sensitive skin.

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wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, can't wait to see you on your bike!! you know you mentioned the sandwiches in my blog? they were tinned john west salmon