Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yes I Played Hopscotch!

  Also every picture of me in my tom boy youth shows me with a skate key on a ribbon around my neck.  I bet any boy in the neighborhood that I could climb any tree faster then him.  I played kick ball, does anyone remember the rules to that game, hockey in the winter, and every rain sat in the gutters and made boats too sail to the ocean.   I wandered the country feeding carrots to horses I pretended were mine, made snow forts and had some great snow ball fights, tried to ride my bike to the end of the world, and played with my barbies until I was 12.  I never went to the store without asking my cat lady old neighbor if she needed anything and happily accepted her furry cookies I gave to my dog when I got home.  I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and traveled the world in my mind by the time I was 12.  My dolls were clothes pins with faces drawn on them and they were the best dolls in the world.  I knew there were funny uncles in the neighborhood that I had to steer clear of and I kissed my dog on the mouth.  I had a neighbor that saved his pennies and then scattered them in the alley so all the neighborhood kids could have a treasure hunt and run to the dime store to get bags of rare penny candy.  I had 2 good dresses and one pair of good shoes and felt like I was the richest girl in the world. 

 Me at around 3 or 4

    Need I go on.  It is true, Money does not buy happiness.  I had a mother that loved me, a very active imagination, lots of energy and lots of friends who for the most part were in the same boat.  As a child I didn't realize my mother was slighted because she was divorced and cried herself to sleep at night with worry about how to feed us.  She kept it to herself.  We really had everything we needed and wanted for little because we didn't feel like we needed anything else.  I was a browned in the sun tom boy and extremely happy with my life once we escaped my evil father.  Life was so good.   I had no idea people pitied us and made my mother sad.  I would have fought them if I had known.  I thought it was great when all we had for supper was fried potatoes because I loved them.   Life truely was different.  As now, I didn't have TV then, and my mother would read us stories she wrote, she was very good and in later years joined Mensa.  Smart lady doing what she had to do to get by.  I miss her so much.  Life was really simple and I am sorry, better back then.  If you read this entry share your childhood memories.  It is nice to read.

  This is me, the oldest girl, maybe 6

  I am the one with the curley hair.

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